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Paolo Arigotti, “Review of current affairs, history and geopolitics”, interview Fulvio Grimaldi

In the immense natural tragedy that has hit the areas on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border, there is a little comforting, but true, positive element. Perhaps now Erdogan will be forced to suspend the torment which, in cahoots with the Western US-NATO criminals and with the most vicious terrorist gangs of his own Muslim Brotherhood, he inflicts on Syria during 12 years of ruthless aggression (which, however, is not managed to bend the most noble Arab nation).

The Syrian area affected is that of the Idlib region and the 30 km strip beyond the border which the Turkish despot has appropriated and which he defines as a “safe zone”. It has concentrated the worst of the worst of the jihadist militias, precisely the armed wing of a Muslim Brotherhood, to keep Damascus at gunpoint and at the same time empty, with terror, the Syrian population from its province and lock them up in the refugee camps of blackmailing Europe . Camps and refugees today buried by the earthquake. It is since its foundation in London and Cairo in 1928, on British initiative, that the Muslim Brotherhood constitutes the fifth column of colonialism and, now, of neocolonialism, colored or warlike, with which the West seeks to block and disintegrate the emancipation (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Syria).

The masnada of the Brotherhood (Isis, Al Qaida, Al Nusrah and others) that was launched against the Arab peoples failed to break their determination to be sovereign and independent, but the maximum of the massacre strategy was perpetrated in Syria, Sinai Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan and, until it was annihilated by popular forces, Iraq. And we could include the so-called Islamist terrorism that has been triggered in Europe in the past years, in order to prepare authoritarian emergency measures in view of the Great Reset.

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Last year Benjamin Netaniahu, one of the most ruthless oppressors and killers of Palestinians, returned to the scene as head of government, together with a series of fanatical extremists whom those unafraid of the brand of “anti-Semitism” define as fascists.

Today Netaniahu unleashes another earthquake and on three fronts: the renewed slaughter of Palestinians, resistant or civilians; the uninterrupted verbal and terrorist aggression against Iran (bombings, attacks, assassinations of scientists, support for the “coloreds”); the clash with his own Supreme Court which would like to try him and expel offended criminals from the government. Supreme Court which he intends to overthrow and subject to government rule.

Like Zelensky. Like Cartabia-Nordio-Meloni. It’s the spirit of the times.

The rest in the video.

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