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MONDOCANE: Putin did it

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MONDOCANE: Putin did it

Putin did it

TV viewing Press review of Francesco Capo with Fulvio Grimaldi

We closed the analysis of the so-called newspapers and journalists with the question of the fragmentation of Italy in Dante’s face, of the nation built in 2000 years with blood, sweat, beauty and masterpieces useful to all humanity, of equality between our citizens from Mont Blanc (I was about to write “from the Brenner”, but I would have been wrong, those are really Tyroleans) to Capo Passero, from the Trentino hut, a friend of the bear, to the cathedral of Noto, Messina Denaro’s enemy. The opprobrium of further money for those who have already raked in too much (and precisely in the South) and further stranding for those who are already beached. The disgrace of a student brought up by Zaia who has to combine with another raised like De Luca, or like Schifani, without the State being able to put its constitutional finger on it, a guarantee of equality, synchronism, harmony, unity.

With the well-prepared Francesco Capo we then tore apart the umpteenth Russian malice (whose otherwise) of hackers who risk sending the entire digital West into a tailspin (a miserable minority who struggle hysterically to be recognized as master and master by the others three quarters of the planet). And you will see that the claws of the Russian bear will also be discovered in the footprints that the 42 kg of Alfredo Cospito leave among the splinters of life that people, who have not committed blood crimes, scatter in the 41bis prisons, alongside those of the mafia spreaders and warlike hectoliters of blood. Lacking among them even those who commit massacres, alas with impunity, in the sign of the good and the beautiful and the just, among peoples scattered here and there on the globe.

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Alongside the purge of his accomplices and assassins in the Nazization of Ukraine and the genocide of its people of Russian language, thought, tradition and community, Zelensky added the claim to have removed from Ukraine the honor attributed to it by the reliable Transparency
122nd country (out of around 190) for corruption records. Honor that, too, he and his men had pledged to deserve to give thanks to the intentions pursued by Obama, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland and the Nazi mercenary of Stepan Bandera, when they moved international terrorism to carry out yet another US coup, that time , 2014, in Kiev. Zelensky, figuratively speaking, killed sixteen governors, deputy ministers, heads of heads in one week. Others he blew up in helicopters. Someone remained, covered in pitch, tied to a lamppost. Nothing compared to the 16,500 ex-citizens exterminated in the Donbass and burned alive in Odessa.

We observed with due respect the mockery of Corriere della Sera at the amnesty decreed by the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, to a few thousand participants in the folkloric uprising, once again failed, by the veil-wavers in Tehran. A few thousand, in the deontological vision of the “best-selling” newspaper in Italy (it’s a good match with three or four others), have grown to a few hundred thousand, otherwise what a color revolution for human rights it would have been!

It is that the veil-wavers, for which a little understanding the evolved and disheveled Western world could also try, have disappeared in front of a population of some tens of millions, regularly bombed by Israel, sanctioned and starved by the USA and EU, attacked by terrorist gangs headquartered in Washington and Albania, by Kurdish militias trained and armed by NATO military cadres (we are there too) in Amerikanized Iraqi Kurdistan, facing a people who know full well what harassments are being imposed on them, regardless of beyond the veil, by certain exponents of Western secular democracy since the times of the highly enlightened (from the burning of opponents) and highly married Shah. Which then secular is not at all, given that in the dollar it has a godfather, a Jesus Christ, a Buddha, a Gilgamesh, a Mars, a Jehovah and an Odin all gathered in one. Out of many, one

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