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MONDOCANE: The Ddl for Differentiated Autonomy has started: applause from the whole government

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MONDOCANE: The Ddl for Differentiated Autonomy has started: applause from the whole government

The bill for differentiated autonomy has started: applause from the whole government


TV viewing, Francesco Capo interviews Fulvio Grimaldi: “How to undo Italy”

It would be simplistic to think that this tool to crumble Italy, put in place by the Northern League minister Calderoli and that the Northern League minister Giorgetti is preparing to finance, is only the vulgar and unhistorical, however deadly, jolt of a fruitless political apparatus. There is the consent of the converted, indeed reversed sovereignist and patriot, who in exchange obtains the Euratlantic puppet to make rage on the subjects of her own, her, her master.

And if one, or rather an acolyte, who for decades has been feeding a tricolor flame, which however burns because it is fueled by fuel of ancient extraction, is prepared to have the town smashed in her hands, it means that, as for all the rest, the puppet string dance that the murderous polenta bird trappers don’t have sole control of.

Yes, definitively discharging into the sea a South that for a century and a half the North, starting with Cavour, has forced to struggle like a beached dolphin. Pick up the remains, in case they were to be placed on second-hand stalls. But the operation starts from further away than from the fake Celtic mists from which they drew equally fake Venetian or Lombard nations.

On a nation whose construction cost its inhabitants a millennium of struggle, votes, blood and whose people produced two millennia of civilization and beauty (not least of the reasons to tear us into insignificant pieces, a Venetian barony, a small republic Milanese, a neo-Savoy fiefdom), not only do the lumps of voracious selfishness that muddy the honest and integrity of the people as a whole.

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Here we are in perfect coherence with the livid flashes that the cataclysm planned by the powers of transformation darts from an ever closer, ever more articulated horizon. The technodivinity of the seven plagues modernizes the original model: wars, pandemics, climatic tyranny, mass migrations, desertification (not only environmental), even grasshoppers, albeit fried, and, seventh, disunity. Separate the cells that, together, had given life to the organism. Only a few, big ones should remain. In the end, only the biggest.

They made shards and splinters from the vase. They called it globalization. If you are to remake man, you must first decompose him. Starting with him and his community.

But we are in time to stop them. They have taken the first step and, behind them, there are only fat, but haggard rats and a few vultures watching from the top of the Alps. It’s all about snatching the pipe from the piper

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