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Money is not everything – Le blog des Camerounaiseries

There are still some Cameroonians who think that when you have a lot of money, you will indisputably be protected from misfortune. And yet wealth is not always a state that will allow you to systematically solve all your problems…

Love is not everything

With money, you can get many things, but not love! Money will take you all the prettiest ladies you want in your mattress, but will they then really love you for what you represent inside? No ! Some girls will tell you that you are nice, that you are sweet, that you are obviously very adorable and that you are probably even a good man in bed, but once you lose your money you will see how they will disappear like magic …
Money doesn’t guarantee you love! Sure, he might accidentally lead you to marriage. Money allows you to solve the existential problems of everyday life, and most Cameroonian women love it. Money allows you to properly take care of the woman you love, and also of the children you will have together. Money is a very important piece of the puzzle of life as a couple, but it does not guarantee you being pampered and desired by real feelings from another person. Besides, you only have to look at the number of divorces among the rich, the number of suicides, the number of hard-core singles like me, the number of romantic disappointments, etc.

Health is not everything

If I had the choice between money and my health, I would definitely choose the latter. Because even with all the money in the world, if you are not healthy you will not even benefit a little from the multiple opportunities that all this fortune will offer you…
Health is almost everything. This is what allows you to be in shape, and to work to acquire as much money as possible. It is health that allows you to flourish, to move and even to be moved. Health is the most essential ingredient of our biological humanity, because without it we are nothing. It is health that allows you, for example, to procreate, to think, to age well, to make love, to have fun or even to work. Health will allow you not to be bedridden like a bedridden. Health will allow you to eat almost anything you like, without too many restrictions. Health is an essential element for a healthy and fulfilling life, moreover I consider it to be the cornerstone for the scaffolding of your joy of living and your well-being.
And so, money is not everything! Besides, money is absolutely useless if you do not have a minimum of genetic capital for your physical health.

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People often make fun of the phrase that money can’t buy happiness. Source: Facebook CC

Money does not give intelligence or wisdom

There are still some Cameroonians who think that when you have a lot of money, you are necessarily someone extremely intelligent. Or wise. Or very methodical. Or strategic. So that’s false! …
Money is not necessarily obtained randomly, but it does not give you any erudition or knowledge! Besides, I know people who are rich and yet are irremediably very stupid, even if unfortunately there are intellectuals like Pierre La Paix Ndamè who bow to them.
Money does not guarantee you infused knowledge. Money will never make you a philosopher or a peripatetic. Money cannot allow you to know how to distinguish good from evil, nor to be able to know how to choose your ideal woman. Money is just an instrument that can allow you to acquire knowledge through documentation or training for example, but in no case will it allow you to benefit from any presumption of competence.

Money can not buy happiness

And finally, money doesn’t buy happiness! I insist on this, because it is a mistake that some people regularly make, when they are made to believe that money alone is enough to make them completely disinterested… This is false!
Money will never make you less unhappy than you inherently are. Money in itself will never bring you a good mood. Money may give you a little joy when you first own it, but then, when you get used to it, nothing at all! Money will have no meaning if everyone around you is unhappy, if everyone hates you, and if you often feel bad about yourself. In short, money is absolutely not the solution to all your problems…
Because what shocks me is that people who don’t have money pray night and day for money, convincing themselves that they will immediately achieve unlimited access to bliss. And yet you can have a lot of money and be sad. You can become a billionaire and regret your former life as a proletarian. You can have bank accounts that are filled with several zeros, but you still feel alone in your life. You can be extremely rich, even very, very, very successful in business, and yet there is no woman waiting for you anywhere when you come home, and there are no positive thoughts occupying your mind. mind when you go back to sleep…

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It is not because we criticize money that we must justify poverty. Source: Iwaria by Iwaria

Money is no longer everything

So unfortunately, there are still some Cameroonians who think that when you have a lot of money, you will be irreversibly protected from misfortune. And yet wealth is not always a state that will allow you to automatically solve all your many problems…

Money isn’t everything! It does not guarantee you real friends, real followers, real lovers and even less real members of your extended family.
Money is no longer everything! Previously it at least made it possible to build a home and help certain people in difficulty, but from now on it is mainly used to take care of one’s appearance and to popularize one’s egocentrism.
Money is not an end in itself, I assure you, even if unfortunately there are still individuals who think that it alone will be enough to achieve their happiness…

Since our society has become so capitalistic, it has limited its existential desires to its material needs. Our environment has become so mercantilist that emotional feelings are now exchanged like simple merchandise. Our population has become so financially miserable that even ideological opinions are now marketable during all our elections.
And yet, the truth is, money will never allow you to solve all your problems!

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