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Morat announces more concerts in Mexico: dates, pre-sales, venues and prices

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Morat announces more concerts in Mexico: dates, pre-sales, venues and prices

The band will perform for the first time at Foro Sol. (Ocesa)

The Colombian group Morat excited a large number of fans after announcing a tour through different states of our country with the purpose of delighting all those who wish to attend their presentations and not a fan will miss this tour that will end with a concert in the Foro Sol in Mexico City.

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Thanks to the positive response from the Mexican public, it seems that three new concerts in our country are going to be added to the tour that is called Before That Dawn or is also called Los Estadios, but this time they were not announced in the traditional way. .

There was no official statement or image that announced, with emotion, that three new dates would be opened so that Morat fans could attend one of his concerts, and for the most fans, go more than once to witness Morat’s show. the interpreters of When Nobody Sees.

The band will arrive in CDMX at the end of 2024 Credit: Courtesy

Instead, the official Ticketmaster website enabled three new tabs to proceed with the purchase of tickets for Morat’s concerts, which have a date that had not been previously announced. He also placed a count for the pre-sale of these tickets.

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As a consequence, great excitement was generated among his followers because, previously, it had already been reported that for the three concerts already confirmed, there was a low availability of tickets, which means that many had not gotten the seat they wanted or the tickets. that they could afford without any setback.

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The first of the new musical shows is scheduled, according to the Ticketmaster digital page, for next Thursday, November 28 at the Mobil Super Stadium, located in Monterrey, within the state of Nuevo León at 8:30 p.m.

Morat returns to the stage in Mexico. – Morat credit

In the case of Guadalajara, the second city that will receive Morat at the end of 2024, one more date was opened for Tuesday, December 3 at the 3 de Marzo Stadium of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, so there will be two nights that Jalisco will sing to the rhythm of the Colombian group.

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Finally, the third concert revealed by Ticketmaster will be at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. Previously it was thought that the tour would end on December 13, but now it will be the 14th of the same month as this will be the second confirmed date for the venue.

Not only was Ticketmaster enough to reveal the date of Morat’s 3 concerts before an official announcement came out that was shared on Ocesa’s official social networks, as is customary, but it also gave details of the pre-sale date and even the time. start of it.

The advance sale is approaching quickly because according to the digital ticket purchase page, it will begin this Thursday, February 15, and will also begin at 2:00 p.m.

It should be noted that the pre-sale of tickets will be possible only for customers who have a bank credit card belonging to CitiBanamex, otherwise they will have to wait for the general sale to be able to purchase tickets with any other accepted form of payment.

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The official prices are the following:

For Monterrey: PIT Court: $3,721 Court A: $3,477 Court B: $3,111 Court C: $2,867 Grade A: $1,464 Grade B: $1,220 Grade C: $976 General Court: $1,159.

Ticket Prices for Guadalajara: PIT $4,575, Level A $4,331, Level B $3,965, Level C $3,660, General B $1,159, Grada Poniente/Oriente $1,952 and Platea $1,220.

For Foro Sol: PIT $4,880, Platinum A $4,575, Platinum B $4,270, Platinum C $3,965, Platinum D $3,660, Platinum E $2,928, Orange A $2,074, Green B $1,830, Orange B $1,647, Green C $1,525, Orange C $1,342, and General B $1,220.

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