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Morat in Lima: ticket prices, how to buy and discounts for his concert at the National Stadium

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Morat in Lima: ticket prices, how to buy and discounts for his concert at the National Stadium

Morat will appear at the National Stadium on October 14.

As part of his international tour “Morat: Los Estadios. Before Dawn”, the Colombian band Morat, made up of Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Martín Vargas and Simón Vargas, announced that they will visit our country next Monday, October 14, as well as other regions of Latin America such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

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For the members of Morat, returning to Peru is a “true privilege” because the national public has witnessed their growth as a group over the years. Let us remember that the last time they visited Lima was in November 2023, when they gave an impressive concert at Multiespacio Costa 21.

The name “Morat” comes from the Morato neighborhood in Bogotá, where the band members used to rehearse.

Morat’s musical show in Lima will take place on October 14, 2024 at the National Stadium, located on Vía Expresa Paseo de la República with Jr. Madre de Dios and Jr. Sebastián Barranca. It is known that this venue has a capacity for more than 50 thousand spectators.

The Morat band was formed in 2015 and is composed of Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Martín Vargas, and Simón Vargas.

Morat fans will be able to buy their tickets in pre-sale mode starting Wednesday, February 14, Valentine’s Day, starting at 10:00 am on the official Teleticket page (https://teleticket.com.pe/). Exclusive for Interbank clients, who will have a 15% discount.

Morat’s debut album, “On Love and Its Side Effects,” was released in 2015.

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Pre-sale price

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-Platinum central: S/390

-Platinum lateral: S/340

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-VIP: S/280

-General: S/190

-West: S/290

-East: S/290

-North tribune: S/110

Full price

-Platinum central: S/459

-Platinum lateral: S/399

-VIP: S/329

-General: S/224

-West: S/341

-East: S/341

-North tribune: S/130

Prices for the Morat concert in Lima.

1. Go to the Teleticket website or by clicking HERE.

2. Create your user account. They will ask you for a password and your personal information, as well as your current email address.

3. Confirm your registration by entering your email and then return to the Teleticket page.

4. With your account created, it will be time to enter Teleticket and search for the event of your preference. In this case, Morat’s concert at the National Stadium.

5. When you have your place in the virtual queue, all you have to do is wait. As soon as your turn comes, you will automatically enter the event and the event areas and prices will appear.

6. Here you will have to enter your card details.

7. At the end you will see that the purchase has been made and immediately your tickets or entrance tickets will be in the “MY E-TICKETS” section. Check that they are there and voila, you have your entry secured.

The music of Morat, a Colombian group, combines elements of pop, rock, and Latin folk, with poetic and melodic lyrics.

Morat is a Colombian band that started in 2015 and is made up of Juan Pablo Isaza (guitar and vocals), Juan Pablo Villamil (guitar, bass and vocals), Martín Vargas (percussion and backing vocals) and Simón Vargas (bass and backing vocals). They met at school and, due to their taste in music, decided to join together to form a musical group.

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In the beginning, Malta—as the band was originally called—performed regularly at a venue called La Tea, where they had a small number of followers who offered to be their personal security after shows. It was there that Malaver, their now artistic representative, realized their talent and decided to bet on them.

When he was about to sign with Universal, they realized that Malta was already registered by a Brazilian band, so they had to change their name to Morat. In fact, Morat is a farm located on the outskirts of Colombia where musicians used to rehearse.

Among his best-known songs are “No se va”, “When nobody sees”, “Kisses in war”, “I should have supposed it”, “Amor ice” and “Salir con vida”.

Although they are originally from Colombia, Morat has achieved international recognition with performances in several Spanish-speaking countries.

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