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more GIGA from today and throughout 2024

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more GIGA from today and throughout 2024

WindTre play ahead ed increase to GIGA available in zero roaming starting today, December 4th. Very Mobile had already done it a few days ago, now it is up to the operator born from the merger between Wind and 3. The offers of all telcos must adapt mandatorily from 1 January 2024, now some of these have decided to anticipate the times thus allowing their customers to have more data available to navigate starting from the Christmas holidays throughout the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom.

15 June


The new regulation on zero roaming entered into force on 1 July 2022, and provides for an extension of its validity until 2032. Until that date wholesale costs for data services will fall progressively from year to year:


€2/GB in 2022 €1.8/GB in 2023
€1.55/GB in 2024
€1.3/GB in 2025 €1.1/GB in 2026 €1/GB from 2027 onwards

The same goes for the wholesale costs for voice calls and SMS:


€0.022/min until 2024 €0.019/min from 2025 onwards


€0.004/SMS until 2024 €0.003/SMS from 2025 onwards


Here is the new formula to use to find out how many GB we have available with our WindTre offer. In essence, the ceiling for the wholesale cost of data traffic expected for 2023 is replaced with the lowest one for 2024 (from 1.80 to 1.55 euros per GIGA):

GB zero roaming: (monthly price excl. VAT/1.55)x2

We inform you that Windtre in the European Union, does not apply any limitations to the quality and performance of data and voice services, compared to what is offered to customers nationally. Actual performance depends on the quality and technical characteristics of the foreign network to which you are connected.

We remind you, when you are roaming abroad, to always precede the number called with the international prefix for both local calls and international calls.

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