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Morocco Granted ASEAN “Sector Dialogue Partner” Status: Consolidating its Position as a Geopolitical and Economic Interlocutor

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Morocco Granted ASEAN “Sector Dialogue Partner” Status: Consolidating its Position as a Geopolitical and Economic Interlocutor

Morocco Becomes ASEAN’s First North African “Sector Dialogue Partner”

Morocco has been granted the status of “sector dialogue partner” by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making it the first country in North Africa to receive this recognition. The decision was officially approved by ASEAN foreign ministers at a meeting held in Jakarta on Monday.

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this status solidifies Morocco’s position as the preferred interlocutor of this important geopolitical and economic bloc. The sources added that this reflects King Mohammed VI’s vision of diversifying partnerships and opening the country to new geopolitical spaces. The decision also acknowledges Morocco’s role as a pole of stability in Africa and the Arab world and highlights the strong partnership between Morocco and Southeast Asian countries.

The granting of “sectorial dialogue partner” status to Morocco by ASEAN is a significant development. ASEAN, the political and economic union and the seventh largest economy in the world, comprises 10 Asian member states. Its purpose is to accelerate economic growth, improve living standards, promote regional peace and stability, and pursue various political, cultural, scientific, and security objectives.

Morocco’s attainment of this status comes after it became an ASEAN “departmental dialogue partner”, allowing it to attend ASEAN meetings and cooperate with the alliance in specific fields. This status is a stepping stone to full membership in the group.

This achievement is the result of positive bilateral relations between Morocco and ASEAN since the signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation in 2016. Morocco’s presence has been strengthened within other regional institutions in Southeast Asia, including the Mekong River Commission and the ASEAN Parliamentary Assembly.

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Economist Mohammad Jadry noted that Morocco has been actively establishing partnerships with non-traditional partners in recent years. The ASEAN bloc, being the seventh largest economic entity in the world and the third largest in Asia with a GDP of approximately $2.6 trillion, presents tremendous economic opportunities. Morocco’s new status in ASEAN will further enhance its political and economic standing as a regional power.

Economic expert Mehdi Fakir highlighted Morocco’s reputation as a reliable partner with clear policies for economic development. This partnership with ASEAN allows Morocco to diversify its economic partners and seek new economic prospects beyond the intercontinental level.

Morocco’s proximity to Europe positions it as a platform for ASEAN countries to produce and export goods to Europe and Africa. Fakir emphasized that the partnership will yield economic benefits for Morocco, including increased foreign investments, technology transfer, and the elevation of export standards.

The recognition of Morocco’s “sector dialogue partner” status by ASEAN marks a significant milestone for the country’s international relations and opens doors for enhanced cooperation in various sectors. It is a testament to Morocco’s growing influence as a valuable partner in the global arena.

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