Home World Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed lower on Monday, and Weilai Automobile fell more than 9% jqknews

Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed lower on Monday, and Weilai Automobile fell more than 9% jqknews

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  The Dow rebounded violently after the 1000-point drop on Monday, and the U.S. stock market witnessed a V-shaped reversal. Is the market sell-off coming to an end?Welcome to publish relatedWeiboAdd #todayusstocks# topic, you can participate in the discussion! You can also enter the Sina Finance client – community section, and participate in today’s US stock discussion with many big V.

Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed lower on Monday, and new energy vehicle stocks fell sharply.NIOAutos fell more than 9%.

  Pop cultureUp nearly 13%, Tuya Smart rose more than 10%,Micro Loan Networkrose more than 7%,red yellow bluerose more than 5%,Huyarose more than 5%,NetEaseYoudao rose more than 3%,Jinshan Cloudrose more than 2%,Renren Companyrose more than 1%.

  Pintitaniumfell more than 52%,group carfell more than 17%,head educationfell more than 13%,WIMI Hologramaurorafell more than 12%,36 kryptonfell nearly 12%,Cowcar homefell more than 10%,Cheetah Mobilefell more than 8%,Tiger Securitiesfell more than 7%,Uxinfell nearly 7%,New OrientalLejufell more than 5%,Baidufunny headlinesdown nearly 5%,good future, Joy Group,China network carrier linefell more than 4%,PinduoduoshellTencent Musicworry-free futurethe firstNinetownscityfell more than 3%,BilibiliJD.combettaThunder, fell more than 2% high,fog coreTechnology fell nearly 2%, NetEase,Vipshopfell more than 1%.

Among the new energy vehicle stocks, Weilai Automobile fell by more than 9%, and Xiaopeng Motors fell by more than 4%.idealAutos fell more than 2%.

U.S. stocks staged a V-shaped reversal on Monday, with the three major stock indexes turning strong in late trading after plummeting during the session. Investors awaited more corporate earnings results and a key Fed policy decision. At the same time, Russia said that a large-scale military buildup in Ukraine was prepared for an attack, which undoubtedly made the market more nervous.

As of the close, the Dow rose 99.13 points, or 0.29%, to 34,364.50 points; the Nasdaq closed up 86.21 points, or 0.63%, to 13,855.13 points; the S&P 500 closed up 12.19 points, or 0.28%, to 4,410.13 points.

The Dow once plunged 1,115 points during the session, the S&P 500 fell by more than 4% and entered the correction zone, and the Nasdaq fell nearly 5% during the session.

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

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  Hot info

  Weilai establishes nearly 8 million US dollars insurance brokerage company

NIO recently established an insurance brokerage company in Hefei, Anhui, where its China headquarters is located, called NIO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 50 million yuan ($7.9 million) and was established on January 19, 2022 , whose business scope includes insurance brokerage business, insurance agency business, insurance agency business, etc., and is 100% controlled by Weilai Holdings Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the “China Insurance Association’s New Energy Vehicle Commercial Insurance Exclusive Clauses (Trial)”, which was launched at the end of last year, stipulates that all new energy vehicles must be insured with new energy vehicle insurance. After the announcement of the “Terms”, many new energy car owners broke the news that their car insurance premiums have increased dramatically. In order to solve the problem of “new energy cars cannot afford to use”, the Passenger Federation recently issued a document to encourage car companies to set up their own insurance.

  passTSMCExpansion of 28/22nm mature process to seize markets such as OLED DDI

The mature process capacity continues to be in short supply. TSMC is said to increase the 28nm and optimize the 22nm special process capacity to seize the OLED display driver IC, 5G RF IC, CMOS image sensor (CIS) and other markets.

According to reports, as the chip content of automotive electronics, PCs, servers, networking equipment, smartphones and other terminal products accelerates, TSMC will not only increase the production capacity of advanced processes, but also expand the production capacity of mature processes to meet the strong demand from customers.

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