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Mother and daughter reunite after over 40 years – Last hour

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Mother and daughter reunite after over 40 years – Last hour

Mother and daughter together again after over forty years. It is the story of Anna and Valentina, who met for the first time ten months ago, on March 24th, thanks to the desire of both that never failed and the initiative of the latter, determined to continue the search for her roots as Italian law has allowed it for ten years now. This is the story published in the issue of Toscana Oggi coming out these days.

Anna became pregnant at just fifteen years old. Opposed by her father but not by her mother, the latter, thanks to a nurse friend from Florence, managed to get her from Calabria to Casa Speranza in Settignano, in the municipality of Fiesole (Florence), a family home for single mothers still exists. Anna’s little girl was given up for adoption and her very young mother returned to Calabria and then returned to Florence, once of age and thanks again to the help of her mother, to enroll at the Conservatory and graduate.

In 2014 Valentina – who grew up in a beautiful adoptive family, who had already tried to find out who her real mother was but discovered that on the extract from the birth certificate it was written ‘from a woman who does not consent to be named’, and in turn having become a mother at 34 – having learned that Italian law had changed, she got back into gear with her research. However, in the end she managed to arrive at the long-awaited meeting on March 24, 2023. “There was a wonderful understanding right away” explains Anna who, reports Toscana Oggi, had often thought about her daughter over the years but knew that by law she would not have been able to trace her “A biological parent who finds a child after 30, 40 years cannot take anything away from the adoptive family. It is an indescribable happiness” he adds. “Even though a person may have a happy adoption story – explains Valentina – at a certain point in life knowing one’s origins becomes a need to face. This present allows us to make peace with a past that inevitably created pain for both of us” .

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