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Mother born with a “half heart” gives birth to twins in Rome

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Mother born with a “half heart” gives birth to twins in Rome

Born 36 years ago, with a heart without a ventricle. she became the mother of twins. She happened to a Roman woman, thanks to the joint work of Baby Jesus and Gemini.

The young mother, in fact, has been cared for since she was a child by the Roman Pediatric Hospital for her serious congenital heart disease and is at the A. Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital, which, through a caesarean section, gave birth to her two children. A boy and a girl who are doing well: “I knew I was taking a lot of risks with my heart in half – said the woman – but I wanted to be a mother. The birth of the twins was an indescribable emotion.”

“In this adventure – continued the new mother – I was followed step by step by the doctors of Bambino Gesù and the Gemelli Polyclinic. Thanks to them I had a beautiful pregnancy and birth and the birth of my children was an indescribable emotion. I would like to tell women who experience the same situation as me not to be afraid and to rely on specialized centers to make their dream of motherhood come true.”

A mother with a half heart

The twins’ mother was born with a heart missing the right ventricle, the portion of the heart muscle that pushes blood towards the lungs for oxygenation. It is a complex congenital heart disease that requires a series of corrective interventions within the first years of life. In this specific case, the Bambino Gesù patient underwent a single operation at the age of 4 to build an alternative circulation system, called Fontan, which brings blood from the vena cava directly to the lungs, without passing through the Heart. This condition subjects the organism to constant overwork: the circulation supported by a single ventricle requires, in fact, close therapies and controls throughout life; in 5% of cases a transplant is achieved.

At Bambino Gesù there is a team of specialists who take care, for therapeutic continuity, of children with a heart disease who have come of age. Thanks to advances in pediatric cardiac surgery, adults born with heart disease (identified with the acronym ACHD, Adults with Congenital Heart Disease) are increasingly numerous today. Even though they have the disease under control, they cannot consider themselves completely cured. For this reason they require specific assistance.

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The birth of the twins

In the world there are only 4 cases of twin births from mothers with a univentricular heart and Fontan circulation. In the case of such complex congenital heart diseases, in fact, pregnancy subjects the entire organism to greater stress and risks: blood volume and cardiac activity increase; organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines can suffer. However, in the absence of other complications, according to the indications of the international protocols on the matter, it is possible to undertake the path of maternity.

This is the case of the mother of the twins who, under strict medical supervision, completed a pregnancy without problems – the first case in Italy. The birth of the twins, both weighing 1.4 kg, took place via cesarean section at the Gemelli Polyclinic at the 34th week of pregnancy, a few days ahead of the expected due date. After just ten days of hospitalization, mother and children were able to return home.

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