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Mothers in Havana Protest Against Prolonged Water Shortage

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Mothers in Havana Protest Against Prolonged Water Shortage

More than a dozen Cuban women, many of them accompanied by their children, closed the intersection of Monte and Agramonte streets in Old Havana in protest against the prolonged water shortage in that Havana municipality.

The mothers blocked the street with empty buckets and water tanks to prevent traffic, while claiming to be tired of living without drinking water, the news portal reported. Cubanet, which has correspondents in the capital.

“We’re not leaving here until they bring at least one water pipe. We can’t take it anymore,” they said.

Almost 20 minutes later the police arrived and took the names of the protesters, as well as the people who were recording the protest, supposedly to intimidate them, the report indicates.

He states that three water pipes later arrived at the scene to supply the neighborhood.

More than 60% of Cubans live without a stable supply of drinking water and 80% suffer from electricity outages in their homes, according to a survey by the Observatory of Social Rights in Cuba.

The regime blames the crisis in the supply of liquid on the poor condition of the pipes and the lack of maintenance, since the equipment that drives water in Havana has not received more than 20 years. Maintenance or replacement.

The municipalities most affected by the water shortage, according to the official press, are Cerro, Centro Habana, La Habana Vieja, Plaza and Diez de Octubre, La Lisa, Playa and Marianao. Several protests have been reported in recent months for the same cause.

This Saturday the state company Aguas de La Habana announced more interruptions in water service for this week for “maintenance work and repairs on the network.”

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Residents in the south of the city will be especially affected: Arroyo Naranjo, Boyeros and Diez de Octubre, reported a note published in the newspaper Havana Tribune.

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