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Movie review “The Beekeeper”: Best in the business

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Movie review “The Beekeeper”: Best in the business


«The Beekeeper»

Premiere in cinemas on 9 February

USA. 15 years. Director: David Ayer

Med: Jason Statham, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Jeremy Irons, Bobby Naderi, Josh Hutcherson, Jemma Redgrave, Phylicia Rashad

Action films are good temperature gauges of what kind of people the masses detest most at the moment.

Corrupt politicians almost always top the list. From “The Beekeeper” we can further read that in 2024 we have a particularly pointed horn in the side of rich bastards in the technology industry, and those call center-someone who calls from abroad at all hours of the day, to say that there is something wrong with our PC. Phishingas it is called.

BURN THE SHIT!: Jason Statham in “The Beekeeper”. Photo: Daniel Smith / Ymer Media

“Mother Cosby” herself, the ever-pleasing actress Phylicia Rashad, is relieved of everything she owns in this world—and disposes of on behalf of others—by such at the beginning of this film.

A slime measure of one call center calls her up. Three minutes later, all her accounts are emptied. Eloise, as she is called, was in charge of a charity that had a lot of money on its books. She takes the robbery hard.

The first person at what is now a crime scene is a man who has been keeping bees on her property, and is going to drop by to deliver a glass of honey, have dinner and exchange a few words. Adam Clay (Jason Statham) held Eloise high. “The only person who has ever taken care of me,” as he says.

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HE WAS JUST A THRIFTFUL BEEKEEPER (SO): Jason Statham in “The Beekeeper”. Photo: Amazon MGM Studios / Ymer Media

Then Eloise’s daughter, Verona Parker (Emmy Raver-Lampman), enters the scene. She is an FBI agent, and strangely enough is assigned to investigate her own mother’s death. She arrests Clay. Then she has to let him go.

When he first starts running, Clay runs fast. Early the next day he is in place at call centerone with a can of petrol in each fist. He’s going to teach the bastard a lesson. Burn down all the shit.

Here I have to admit that my blood started to fizz a little, granted. Give the pig in!

But shit, as you know, flows downhill, and Clay wants to go all the way to the top. There, roughly, he finds Derek Danford (Josh Hutcherson), an intolerable tech bro who rides around on a skateboard at “work”.

«NEPO BABY»: Josh Hutcherson i «The Beekeeper». Foto: Daniel Smith / Ymer Media

Danford is one nepo baby who has gotten all his money and opportunities through his mom, who is not just anyone (you’ll see). He also has a retired CIA man, Wallace Westwyld (Jeremy Irons), by his side. His job is to save the stumps every time Danford screws up.

But when you screw up near Adam Clay, you’ve probably done it for the last time. Clay, who has a background in a top-secret government agent program— of course he has – is a tough nut to crack. Diligent as a bee, say.

The numerous puns and metaphors the screenwriters have managed to squeeze out that have to do with precisely bees are just one of the many aspects of “The Beekeeper” that will ensure that this action film will never come close to an awards podium .

PRICE WHOLESALE IN COMPLETELY WRONG FILM: Jeremy Irons in “The Beekeeper”. Photo: Daniel Smith / Ymer Media

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But “The Beekeeper” has no interest in being a “good film” either. Jeremy Irons, the kind of actor who receives honors and glory from time to time, is boring and out of place here.

In what is a quick and dirty, casual and entertaining Jason Stathamfilm. Entirely devoted to demonstrating Jason Stathams still admirable abilities as a fist fighter and one-man death machine.

EQUALITY IN PRACTICE: Emmy Raver-Lampman in “The Beekeeper”. Photo: Jay Maidment / Ymer Media

He is silent, he works alone, he is relentlessly efficient. It is the female FBI investigator, who is always one or more steps behind our man, who is the sloppy Alkis in this picture. Don’t come here and say there isn’t equality!

It’s meat and poets (and honey) action of the old school, of which Statham is currently the reigning regent, and I have to say it was an ever-so-slight joy to watch him do what he does better than anyone else:

Punch and kick his way up, all the way to the rotten top of society (which he has opted out of).

“You have laws – until they stop working. After that, you have me,” he says. It’s almost “It’s my way or the highway” that.

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