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MUP RS tactical exercise Turjak 2023 | Info

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MUP RS tactical exercise Turjak 2023 |  Info

The Training Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska is organizing a tactical exercise for police officers in solving a crisis situation tomorrow and on Tuesday, May 30, in the Turjak area.

Source: MONDO/Vedran Ševčuk

The MUP points out that it is a tactical exercise “Turjak 2023” in the area of ​​the Gradiška Police Department and that there is no reason for citizens to be alarmed.

“Due to the aforementioned exercise, it is to be expected that certain means will be used that could attract attention and cause eventual disturbance to citizens who find themselves in the vicinity of the aforementioned location, so in this regard, citizens are informed that there is no danger for bystanders or those who live in in the vicinity of the mentioned location,” the MUP statement added.

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