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Murder Ilaria Alpi, bomb kills Somali acquitted after 16 years

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Murder Ilaria Alpi, bomb kills Somali acquitted after 16 years

A bomb under the car seat killed Hashi Omar Hassan, the Somali convicted and later acquitted for the murder of Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin on March 20, 1994 in Mogadishu while they were working on an investigation into waste and weapons trafficking. This was announced in a tweet by the Somali independent news site Garowe Online. Hassan was sentenced in the second degree and in the Supreme Court for having been part of the commando that killed the Italian journalists, but a subsequent appeal led to acquittal after more than 16 years of imprisonment. The Italian State has compensated him with 3 million. According to the Alpi family there was a vast misdirection.

“Killed by Islamic terrorists”

“It was the Islamic terrorists, no doubt. They killed him for the purpose of extortion for the money he had obtained for his unjust detention in Italy. They are people looking for money and if you don’t agree with them I will kill you ».

This is what the lawyer Antonio Moriconi, historical defender of Hashi Omar Hassan, who was killed today in Mogadishu and who for 17 years was in prison in connection with the murder of Ilaria Alpi and Milan Hrovatin, affirms. “We have received the news of Hashi’s death from some of our local sources – adds the criminal lawyer -. The clan to which Hashi belonged has ties to the new government. Since he had returned to freedom, after the review process that had completely cleared him, he wanted to do something for his country. He dreamed of entering the import-export sector. He sometimes made a stop in Italy, but he also went to Sweden to see his daughter and then to friends in other European cities ”. For the unjust detention, Italy has compensated Hashi for over three million euros.

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«It is a high figure and due to the whole prison that was made to suffer to an innocent – continues Moriconi – But that money killed him. Because the terrorists knew about it and evidently, after he didn’t succumb to some extortion, they blew him up. The technique of his attack says it all. ” Moriconi remembers meeting Hashi for the last time about two months ago. “We went out to eat together. Italy was not his home, he always dreamed and talked about Mogadishu, about what he wanted to do, about craftsmanship, about businesses. He, his family, the clan to which he belonged, wanted Somalia to become stable again ».

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The request for new investigations

The National Federation of the Italian Press, the Order of Journalists and the Usigrai, with the lawyer Giulio Vasaturo, will file a request in the next few hours to the prosecutor in Rome, the Italian embassy in Mogadishu and that of the Somali in Italy, to solicit “Investigations aimed at the dynamics of the attack in which Hashi Omar Hassan lost his life, also in order to verify the existence of a possible connection between this heinous crime and the investigation, still in progress, into the murder of Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, which took place on March 20, 1994 ».

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