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Murders the president of the search group in Tecate

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Murders the president of the search group in Tecate

The president of the search collective Unión y Fuerza por Nuestros Desaparecidos Tecate BC, Ángela Meraz León, was tragically killed in her beauty salon in Tecate. The incident occurred on Thursday, February 8th, just before 2:00 in the afternoon. Witnesses reported that a man entered the salon and shot Ángela multiple times before fleeing in a black AUDI vehicle with California license plates. The vehicle was later found on fire on Cualicán Street, approximately one kilometer from the scene of the crime.

Prior to her death, Ángela had reportedly received threats through a Facebook page associated with the Sinaloa Cartel. The page accused her of leaking information obtained through her activist group. Authorities are now investigating various potential motives for the murder, including personal issues with former partners, her proximity to criminal groups, and her involvement in the search for missing people.

Tragically, Ángela was personally affected by the issue of missing persons, as her relative José Juan Vázquez León and sister-in-law Yulenia Marlen Ochoa have also disappeared. The Search Collective was formed to address the growing number of missing persons in the area.

The news of Ángela’s murder has sparked outrage among various groups, with many calling for justice and expressing their frustration with the authorities’ inability to protect activists. The Familiares Unidos collective posted on social media, lamenting the loss of Ángela and blaming the authorities for failing to ensure their safety.

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