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Music newspaper Puls: Feminism according to SKAAR

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Music newspaper Puls: Feminism according to SKAAR

From Mad Woman to Mad Women. None of the participants seem to be very crazy, I would say. Just damn good.

We were wildly excited about the debut, and with these new recordings Mad Woman/Mad Women must be said to be complete. And that with style.

“Mad Women” consists of specially selected songs from “Mad Woman”. The guest list includes Ane Brun, Fay Wildhagen, Moyka, Kjerstin Ljungström, Hillari and Emilie Nicolas. Hilde Skaar is probably not used to being told no when she asks for a service, which is not difficult to understand.

First out of the guests is Ane Brun in “What Are You Scared Of?”. Brun has spruced up a verse the author couldn’t find room for in the original, and songs that only Ane Brun can sing. Extremely vulnerable. Key sequence – acoustic guitar only.

Moyka guests in “DNA”, perhaps the EP’s coolest song. Electronics. The keyboard work (Askjell Solstrand, Eivind Helgerød, Øystein Ådland) is particularly correct.

In “Come Back To Life” room is made for no fewer than eight vocalists alongside Fay Wildhagen and Hilde Skaar. It never sounds overloaded, just nice.

Say hello to Hillary in “Follow Your Heart”. What shall we call it – R&B? Beyoncé would be proud to release this – but very far from country!

“Obscene” – in with Kerstin Ljungström, together with, among others, the ubiquitous Erland Dahlen (percussion). “Big” pop sound, lots of synths and programming work.

“Mad Woman” in a new version has been heard for a few weeks as a single cut. Not unlike the original, but Emilie Nicolas – has she ever done anything wrong? – of course puts a tip on the whole thing.

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The whole project is reminiscent of a new generation following in Unni Wilhelmsen’s footsteps. Extremely attractive feminism.

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