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Musk suspends Twitter account of American rapper Kanye West | Ken Ye | Anti-Semitic | Hitler

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Musk suspends Twitter account of American rapper Kanye West | Ken Ye | Anti-Semitic | Hitler

[The Epoch Times, December 02, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Dave Ruo) On Thursday (December 1), after the famous American rapper “Ken Yeh” released a series of controversial tweets, Musk Calling it inciting violence, his account was suspended.

“Kenye” ​​Kanye West(Kanye West) posted an image of what appeared to be a Nazi symbol inside a Star of David, a Jewish religious symbol, and said it would be used as a symbol for his 2024 presidential campaign.

“I did my best. Nevertheless, he violated our policy against inciting violence again,” Musk wrote in response to the since-deleted tweet. “Account will be suspended.”

“Kenye” ​​also praised Hitler and the Nazis in a show interview on Thursday, sparking fresh condemnation for his inflammatory anti-Semitic remarks.

“I like Hitler.” Ken Yeh, wearing a full mask, said. A few minutes later, he added: “I love Jews, but I also love Nazis.”

Just before his account was suspended on Thursday night, “Kenye” ​​tweeted a photo of Musk topless on a yacht.

Musk responded to the image, clarifying that “Kenye” ​​was removed from the social media platform for violating Twitter’s rules, not because of the photo.

Musk wrote: “Just to clarify that his account was suspended for inciting violence, not for … ugly photos.”

He further joked, “Frankly, I found those photos to be a useful motivator to lose weight!”

Musk had previously tweeted to “Kenye,” encouraging him not to criticize others and pointing him to what Jesus taught in the New Testament.

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“Jesus taught love, kindness and forgiveness,” Musk said on Wednesday. “I used to think turning the other cheek was weak and stupid, but I was stupid because I didn’t appreciate its deep wisdom.”

It is recorded in the New Testament that Jesus once said: “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other cheek and let him do it; if someone wants to sue you, let him take your coat; let him also take your coat.” go.”

On October 10, “Kenye” ​​was suspended by Twitter and other social media platforms for his anti-Semitic remarks. After acquiring Twitter for $44 billion, Musk once restored the Twitter account of “Ken Yeh”.

Musk has expressed over the past few months his desire to reduce restrictions on what can be tweeted. He said last week that Twitter would offer “amnesty” to some suspended accounts.

Last month, Twitter reinstated some previously suspended accounts, including that of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

It is unclear whether “Kenye” ​​will be allowed back on Twitter.

The rapper has been released from major corporate partners, including Adidas AG, and his posts have been removed from platforms such as Instagram.

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