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“My truth about Totti”. The words on LIVE TV

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“My truth about Totti”.  The words on LIVE TV

After the media hype sparked by the docufilm ‘Unica’ are Netflix, focused on the end of his marriage with Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi speaks exclusively to her friend Silvia Toffanin for an unmissable interview. The first after a long silence that lasted months. “The return of Ilary Blasi, her truth. After the media storm and a long silence, her first TV interview exclusively on Verissimo”says the promo of the program announcing the guest.


Ilary Blasi and Bastian and the invitation to Francesco Totti

Silvia Toffani mentions Ilary Blasi’s new partner without however mentioning the name of Bastian Muller. “He’s fine, he says hello”, Blasi simply says laughing. Then Toffanin invites Francesco Totti to give his version of events if he feels like it. “It was a difficult interview”Ilary concludes that for the moment he prefers not to talk openly about his new love. No reference even to the next edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, which Blasi should host again. Pier Silvio Berlusconi recently announced: “The Island of the Famous will happen. It should start in spring, between the end of March and the beginning of April. On the management, as I had already said last summer on the occasion of the presentation of the schedules, we are satisfied with Ilary Blasi. So the intention, to date, would be to move forward with her, we have no reason not to. But we still have to talk to her about it, so we’ll have to see.”


Ilary Blasi: “Because now I travel more”

On his new life and the numerous trips made recently together with his partner Bastian Muller Ilary Blasi dice: “Before I couldn’t because Francesco was playing, we only had June available and the children were younger. But things change and today everything is different“. “You also took a journey within yourself”underlines Silvia Toffanin. “Yes, of course. I understood that you always have to start from yourself. Today I feel curious, positive, open.”


Ilary Blasi and the arrival of her grandson John

Ilary Blasi comments on the arrival of the nephew John, son of his younger sister Melory: “Finally a boy. After Cristian, a series of girls in our family. I still have to hug him.”


Ilary Blasi and the choice of children after the documentary

Silvia Toffanin shows the dedication by Chanel Totti after the release of Unica on Netflix. “I didn’t ask my children to see it, they chose to do so but it wasn’t new to them. They had already experienced the story, they had already experienced it. You don’t have to choose between mum and dad. The important thing is that they have the situation clear. Obviously they lived through the whole earthquake but it’s part of the divorce.”


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Ilary Blasi and Totti’s alleged betrayals

“From the gossip about Flavia Vento to Noemi Bocchi do you suspect other betrayals in these twenty years?”asks Silvia Toffanin. “From what Rome made me understand, perhaps. I have never received concrete rumors but only inferences. I never saw any photos or messages. No one has ever come to me and told me this. Probably yes but I have no proof”, replies Ilary Blasi.


Totti and the reaction of Ilary Blasi’s parents

“My parents didn’t expect something like this: for them Francesco was the fourth child, the only son he had ever had. They’re disappointed but they still love him.”says Ilary Blasi. “Did I feel betrayed by Rome? Yes and no. In the end who tells you something like that? Only a sister can.”


Ilary Blasi: “When I learned the truth I took another direction”

“I believed what he told me. I didn’t stay silent to maintain a status quo. When I learned the truth I took a different direction”continues Ilary Blasi. “I was discredited in the press: he was always defined as the Captain, I was the former Letterina”.


Ilary Blasi and those terrible moments at home with Totti

Ilary and Totti spend the summer of 2022 separated but from September to January continue to live under the same roof. “Terrible months, in fact we were separated at home. Everyone with their own life, their own schedule. There was disorder”says the presenter.


Ilary Blasi and her daughter Isabel’s help with the betrayal

“After that denial between me and my husband the situation was strange, it was difficult to communicate”, adds Ilary Blasi to Verissimo and then talks about the meeting with little Isabel and Noemi Bocchi’s two children. “When I called the private investigator, I already knew but I wanted proof. He had a parallel story that everyone knew except me and my family. Reaction? Disappointment on one side, relief on the other. Free”. And then: “When I confronted him he continued to deny it for a while and finally gave up.”


Ilary Blasi apologizes to the press at Verissimo

When Silvia Toffanin recalls the interview in which Ilary Blasi attacked the press who spilled the beans about the liaison between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, the blonde presenter makes amends: “I ask sorry to the newspapers and journalists. But they too should apologize to me: I reacted like this because I had a version of the events I told. I was convinced. I believed my husband, as always. I was in good faith”. Silvia intervenes: “I believed it too, they said we had agreed but that wasn’t the case.”


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Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti’s absurd request

Ilary Blasi comments with Silvia Toffanin on Francesco Totti’s request: the footballer asked his ex-wife to leave your job, delete herself from social networks and no longer sees her best friend and trusted hairdresser Alessia Solidani. “Francesco has always been jealous of me, his jealousy was nothing new. But I don’t feel like comparing this thing to today’s tragedies. He is the father of my children. Maybe he was confused, scared, maybe it was a way of easier escape. I have always looked for a dialogue, a hope, to try before ending a marriage”.


Ilary Blasi: “With Totti there was no crisis before the separation”

Ilary Blasi reiterates to Verissimo that there was no crisis with Francesco Totti before the final separation arrived in summer 2022. “In November 2021 I started to see my husband as strange. There was no crisis between the two of us, we even took trips together, there was nothing serious”, he assures. Silvia Toffanin then shows some videos taken from the Netflix docufilm Unica.


Ilary Blasi: “Why I made the documentary on Netflix”

Ilary Blasi revealed to Verissimo the reason which pushed her to talk about the end of her marriage in docufilm Unica on Netflix: “I’ve been observing for a while, understand what had happened, to read, to hear all the various points of view, the various opinions. But in fact it was my story. As you know, I’ve always put my face into everything I’ve done and this time too it seemed right to put my face to it.”


Ilary Blasi arrives at Verissimo: Silvia Toffanin’s confession

Silvia Toffanin announces Ilary Blasi: “Finally we can talk”. Then he adds: “Everyone knows that we are friends so I want to make a premise: You and I didn’t agreeyou don’t know the questions I’ll ask you.”


Very true, the public is furious at the choice of Silvia Toffanin

Complaints on social networks for the choice of Silvia Toffanin not to start the episode of Verissimo with the long-awaited interview with Ilary Blasi. “Silvia, unfortunately we are not interested in anyone other than Ilary”wrote a fan. “All of us who are waiting for Ilary and start with these two here”, another user commented. And then again: “Now we’re expecting Queen Ilary, what a busy Sunday”. And reference to Belen Rodriguez who, again today, revealed to Domenica In i betrayals by Stefano De Martino.



The new episode of Verissimo begins with Silvia Toffanin

Silvia Toffani the new episode of Verissimo opens: despite the great anticipation about Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, we don’t start immediately with Ilary Blasi but with the dancing couple formed by Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca. However, the presenter anticipates: “Ilary Blasi will finally talk about the end of her marriage after a long silence”.


Ilary Blasi at Verissimo, not just Totti: the public awaits an important announcement

Ilary Blasi will talk about hers at Verissimo at length breakup with Francesco Totti but many are also waiting for an important announcement. There have been rumors of a possibility for days marriage to Bastian Muller: the presenter showed off a precious ring which looks just like an engagement. The German entrepreneur and former model has never been married and has never had children. Ilary will most likely also talk about hers return to The Island of the Famousscheduled for next spring.


Ilary Blasi today with Bastian and her daughter: yet another love escape for Totti’s ex-wife

While it airs on TV the (recorded) interview with Verissimo, Ilary Blasi indulged in yet another romantic elopement with her Bastian Muller. The couple, after celebrating the first anniversary in New York, flew this time to London. With Ilary and Bastian there is also Isabel, the daughter that Blasi got seven years ago from her ex-husband Francesco Totti. On Instagram, Blasi shared a tender shot in which she and Muller sweetly hold the little girl’s hand.

Ilary Blasi and Bastian in London: the sensational detail does not escape social media


Ilary Blasi at Verissimo: what time and where to see the interview on TV and in streaming

Ilary Blasi will be a guest at Verissimo on Sunday 3 December 2023. The program is broadcast on Canale 5 and streaming on Mediaset Infinity. At what time? From 4.30pm. For Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, a return to Mediaset after several months away from the small screen.


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