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“Mythos: Fantastic Creatures”. History of creatures between reality and legend.

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“Mythos: Fantastic Creatures”.  History of creatures between reality and legend.

In a very appropriate setting, at the ancient ice houses of Porta Palazzo in Turin, in Piazza della Repubblica 25, the exhibition “Mythos: Fantastic Creatures” was inaugurated. An evocative journey, in which the visitor will find himself face to face with some, around 30, creatures who, between reality and fantasy, have given life to myths and legends, characterizing the cultural imagination of various societies in human history.

These symbolic and archetypal creatures act as a mirror of the complex and often contradictory nuances of the human condition, representing the passions, primordial instincts and moral dilemmas that characterize man’s existence.

This immersive journey into a unique world, whose character names are still relevant today, is the opportunity, through in-depth captions, to live an adrenaline-filled experience.

The visitor is immediately welcomed, perhaps by the most iconographic and well-known creature at any latitude and represented by literary works to pictorial ones, from sculpture to cinema: the Dragon.

Entering the belly of the iceboxes, we will find two “rooms” dug underground: one dedicated to the Demigods and monsters and the other to the divinities. In the first we will find ourselves faced with the Sphinx, the Yeti, the Werewolf, the Minotaur, the Vampire, Cerberus… in the second room: Anubis, Subek, Quetzalcoati, the Phoenix, the Basilisk, the devil… These beings belong to traditions and folklores of different times and civilizations, from the ancient Egyptian and Greek divinities, to reach the Middle Ages with Werewolves and Vampires, to move to Pre-Columbian America to reach entities that over the centuries have evolved to be an integral part of our society: death and the Devil .

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The sculptures made of fiberglass or taxidermy or on the basic model, this is covered with wild boar hair which allows it to have an appearance so accurate that it seems alive. Very detailed care, penetrating and cruel glances, in an installation in which the play of light and the arrangement of the works give that right dark appellation that lingers in the stories of these creatures.

The exhibition which opened its doors today 7 March 2024, will remain open until 7 July 2024. An opportunity to experience in person, looking with your own eyes at the myths we have always seen in books or at the cinema.

All the news online on the official website www.mythoscreaturefantastiche.it

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