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Napoli Juventus Round 27 Serie A | Sport

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Napoli Juventus Round 27 Serie A |  Sport

The derby of the 27th round of Serie A went to the players of Napoli.

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In the derby of the 27th round of Serie A, the players of Napoli defeated Juventus at home with a score of 2:1.

Kvič Kvarackeli gave Neapolitans the lead with a goal in the 42nd minute. After a cross from the left side, the Juventus defense deflects the ball to the Georgian who catches the volley and scores for 1:0.

The equalizer for the “old lady” was brought by Federiko Kijeza in the 81st minute when he hit the home team’s net from an angle.

In the 85th minute, Nonge fouled Osimen in the penalty area, and the referee points to the penalty spot. It was Osimen who placed the ball on the chalk, but his shot was stopped by Šćešni. However, the ball rebounds to Raspadori, who scores the final 2:1.

By the way, 18-year-old Nonge entered the game in the 76th minute, only for Allegri to take him out of the game in the 90th minute.

Juventus could have scored a point in stoppage time, but Rugani sent the ball over from a few meters from the goal.

It wasn’t Dušan Vlahović’s night either, who didn’t use three goals in the first half, and the closest he came to a goal was in the 34th minute when he hit the post. Due to the yellow cards, the Serbian striker will miss the next game of Juventus, who will compete against Atalanta.

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