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NASA plans to launch the Artemis I lunar test mission in February 2022-Scientific Exploration-cnBeta.COM

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Named after Apollo’s twin sister Artemis, NASA’s lunar mission is preparing for its first unmanned test launch (Artemis I).According to NASA, the Orion capsule has been stacked with the SLS rocket and is preparing for pre-launch testing in the coming weeks. The process will include health and status checks on various systems and communication lines between the spacecraft and ground control.


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In addition, there will be programs to ensure the normal operation of the functions of different systems, including the core level and boosters. As a standard procedure, NASA will also run a countdown sequence simulation.

Wet rehearsal will be quite critical to the task. Before you have any thoughts, “wet” refers to loading ultra-cold liquid propellant into the rocket. The NASA team will also practice the Zeng Tao process of its launch.


Only after successfully completing the wet rehearsal, NASA will reveal the actual launch date of the Artemis I test mission. Currently, NASA’s goal is to prepare for the February 2022 launch window.

The Artemis mission will enable NASA to return to the moon. In 1969, the United States successfully completed its manned Apollo 11 mission on a natural satellite on Earth. Since then, there have been six more missions, all the way to Apollo 17. All these missions successfully landed on the moon, only the 13th mission had to return to Earth halfway due to a malfunction of the oxygen tank module, but it also made a good story and some famous lines.

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This time, Artemis’ idea is to build the infrastructure needed for long-term missions, including base camps on the surface of the moon. The United States will also establish a gateway in lunar orbit as a communications hub and space laboratory. Considering that the International Space Station may be decommissioned in 2024 and may be extended to the end of this decade, this will be crucial.

The expertise of the Moon Base Camp will be of great benefit to mankind’s future plans to establish human colonies on the Red Planet.



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