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Nataša Bekvalac’s earnings | Entertainment

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Nataša Bekvalac’s earnings |  Entertainment

Nataša Bekvalac has been renting out her magnificent property in Chennai for a long time for various types of celebrations, and as it is reported, she has recently allegedly raised the rental price.

Source: Paparazzo hunting / DNK

Singer Nataša Bekvalac, who recently made the audience wise up when she appeared in a see-through dress with only the hem sticking out, owns a farm near Novi Sad that she has been renting out for a long time. The entire estate covers 3,500 m2, and the house itself has 400 m2. It was rumored that she invested 200,000 euros in it. She also built a swimming pool, and the trees around the house create a thick shade. The property is surrounded by a green fence, there are no neighbors nearby, so privacy is ensured.

The luxury house has a kitchen, a huge living room, two bathrooms and several bedrooms, even two spacious balconies, and besides the main one, there are also several auxiliary buildings on the plot. The property has also become popular among her colleagues, who do not ask what it costs to hold one of their celebrations in this paradise on earth. How to transfer “Courier“, as the interest in the estate grew bigger and bigger, Bekvalčeva recently raised the price for renting out the villa, to as much as 900 euros per day.

However, that apparently did not stop those interested from continuing to book dates for their celebrations, so all better dates, especially weekend days, are sold out by the end of the year. So this is a little piece of paradise, in which she once invested a lot of money, during May alone, more than 20 days were booked, which by simple calculation leads to the sum of 18,000 euros.

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That she succeeded in building this house can be seen from the fact that more and more of Nataša’s colleagues and friends are interested in renting the farm, and the first among them was Katarina Grujić. She and soccer player Marko Gobeljić said the fateful “yes” right on her property at the end of August 2021. In addition to the fact that weddings are held on Natasa’s property, it also serves as an excellent location for filming videos. Recently, this very space was used for the recording of the video for the duet song “Zene od Sultana” by Tijana Milentijević and MC Stojana.

That Bekvalčeva’s roses have definitely been blooming lately in the financial field is evidenced by the fact that in addition to the income from renting out the property, the singer also makes great profits from her performances. Recently it was written that she is a singer raised the price of her counter from 10,000 to 12,000 euros, and since he performs at least between four and six times a month, and sometimes more, it means that he collects 48,000 euros per month just from socializing with his audience. When all these figures from the earnings of estates and performances added together, the sum is almost 70,000 euroswhich puts the beautiful woman from Novi Sad at the very top in terms of monthly earnings among members of our variety show.

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Nataša is currently enjoying Mykonos with her sisters and friends, and she hasn’t announced anything about it yet!

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