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Nathalie Helgerud lost her unborn child

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Nathalie Helgerud lost her unborn child

Fashion profile Nathalie Weinberger Helgerud (38) was heavily pregnant when the baby’s heart stopped beating. – The most unimaginable and worst thing I think a woman can go through, she says to VG.

IN MOURNING: Nathalie Helgerud has just lost her unborn child, just before her due date. Pictured here at the Elle gala in November 2023. Photo: Mattis Sandblad / VG

Tuesday 20 February at 15:50

Helgerud has just gone on parental leave from her job at the fashion magazine Elle, and was due to give birth to her second child in a few days.

On an ultrasound, it was discovered that the baby’s heart had stopped beating.

The 38-year-old writes that on Instagram to his over 25,000 followers.

“Little brother’s heart suddenly stopped beating inside his stomach. The most unimaginable and cruelest thing that can happen has happened,” she writes.

Born in 12 hours

Nathalie has given VG permission to share the text, and elaborates on the family’s worst nightmare to VG.

On Sunday morning, just three days ago, she noticed some water leaking and felt that labor was in progress.

– I was asked if I felt clear kicks, and I didn’t. We went to the hospital for a checkup and they found no heartbeat.

She continues:

– But the birth was underway, and I had to do the most unthinkable and worst thing I think a woman can go through. Namely giving birth to a dead child, Nathalie tells VG.

The birth lasted 12 hours.

– I really wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I can’t believe I was able to go through with it. You blame yourself and wonder if there is something I could have done differently.

SHOWING OFF BELLY: Nathalie Helgerud showed off her pregnant belly in September 2023. Photo: Privat

– Life is so crazy fragile

It is only three days since the fashion profile shared on Instagram that the family was counting down the days until they would meet their little brother. She already has a three-year-old daughter. Getting up after this feels totally pointless, she explains.

– I don’t know the way forward, but the life that I had paved the way for and looked forward to living, will never happen. The love around us and our daughter will give us strength. And maybe a new miracle will appear, and it gives life to hope and warms well.

Life can be so brutal, cruel, unfair and feels totally meaningless now, she explains and adds:

– Life is so crazy fragile, never forget to take care of yourself and those around you. Never take life for granted.

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