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NATO, B-52 bomber departs from Spain and flies over central Italy: the exercise as a deterrent for Moscow

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NATO, B-52 bomber departs from Spain and flies over central Italy: the exercise as a deterrent for Moscow

An exercise Nato in the skies ofcentral Italy aimed at “increasing coordination between air forces of the Alliance“, with a B-52 bomber American that on March 22, while the premier Giorgia Meloni was referring to Senate on support a Kiev, flew over theUmbria“performing a series of maneuvers circulars quite unusual.” Republic reports the route of aircraftwhich kept the transmitter so be localized: departed from the Spanish base of Morón de la Fronterain Andalusiaflew over the area of Santa Marinellain the province of Romato then arrive in the skies between Perugia e San Severino Marche. Then she continued towards the Greececrossing much of the Pugliato then return to the Spanish base.

Republic writes that in the last ten days the overflights of the bombers have intensified, and the aircraft have gone “to the edge of space airplane russo“. More precisely, “in black seaat the apex of the Scandinavian peninsula and at the limits of the gulf of St.Pietroburgo. Many sorties went into the Balticorbiting around Kaliningradthe Russian enclave nestled in the Poland“. And right there on March 17 “a Sukhoi 35 interceptor of the Italian Air Force Mosca came alongside a B-52″. The goal of the flyover of this B-52 – aircraft “that have been transformed into flying missile bases, with constantly updated ordnance and hi-tech equipment” – as of others strategic aircraftis due to the need for Nato of wanting to “reassure” the allied countries, in particular those oriental “who feel more exposed to the Russian threat. On the other – it can still be read on Republic – exercise a deterrent action against the Kremlin“, proving to be able to react to any operations Mosca. The overflight of the B-52 took place on the same day as the Nato released “a video showing a B-52 in formation with fighters from six European countries, including one Italian Eurofighter“.

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In the meantime, looking specifically at the Ukrainian conflict, the NATO secretary Jens Stoltengerg hopes that members of theAtlantic Alliance agree to spend at least 2% of the Pil for defense at the next alliance summit, which will take place at Vilniusthe capital of Lithuaniaand warns that Putin has no immediate intention of pursuing plans for peace, therefore theWest must be prepared to support Kiev for a long time to come. The head of the Kremlinhas continued Stoltenbergis engaged in “a war of attrition” and the battle around Bakhmutin which many Russians are dying, shows that Mosca it is willing “to throw in thousands and thousands more troops, to suffer many losses for minimal gains.” “President Putin it is not planning peace, it is planning another war”, added Stoltenberg, specifying that Russia is increasing military industrial production and “is turning to authoritarian regimes such as Iran or North Korea and others to try to get more weapons” . Consequently, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and other Western states must be ready to support Ukraine with weapons, ammunition and spare parts for a long time.

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