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NATO expels eight members of the Russian mission: “They were secret services”

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BRUSSELS – “We can confirm that we have withdrawn the accreditation of eight members of the Russian Mission to NATO, because they were undeclared Russian intelligence officers.” This was revealed by the Atlantic Alliance. “We also confirm that we have reduced the number of positions that the Russian Federation can accredit with NATO to 10”, explain from the offices of the Alliance.

Estonia, President Kaljulaid: “NATO has always protected us. No to an unclear EU defense plan”

by Rosalba Castelletti

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko accused NATO of duplicity and of using the idea of ​​an alleged threat from Moscow as a bugbear for its own purposes: “The NATO leaders yesterday pronounced themselves in favor of resuming dialogue within the Russia-NATO Council” he told the newspaper Kommersant. “If anyone believed in the sincerity of those statements, today they no longer believe them. Their real value is clear to everyone. After the dramatic end of the Afghan era, how can they go on without the bugbear of the ‘Russian threat’? They can’t? “.

“NATO’s policy towards Russia remains consistent. We have strengthened our defense in response to Russia’s aggressive actions, but at the same time we remain open to meaningful dialogue,” said the NATO official called to report the removal of the 8 members of the Russian mission.

“Targets hit in the Black Sea”: Moscow exercises exercises off the Crimea

Russia accuses the Alliance of provocatively expanding its military infrastructure ever closer to its borders, NATO speaks of strengthening the security of member states close to Russia also as a consequence of Russian policy towards Ukraine.

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