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Navalny, funeral on Friday in Moscow. He will be buried in Borisovskoe cemetery

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Navalny, funeral on Friday in Moscow.  He will be buried in Borisovskoe cemetery

Alexey Navalny’s funeral will take place on Friday in a church in the southern suburbs of Moscow. The announcement by the spokeswoman, Kira Yarmish, was quickly confirmed by the opponent’s wife, who immediately warned that the regime could also try to repress this event in memory of Putin’s number one rival: «The funeral will take place the day after tomorrow and I still don’t know if they will be peaceful or if the police will arrest those who came to greet Alexey”, said Yulia Navalnaya to the European Chamber, while the dissident’s collaborators – behind whose death in prison the shadow of the Kremlin lengthens – accuse the authorities wanted to prevent many people from taking part in the final farewell.

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Navalny’s wife certainly didn’t tell them anything: she defined the Russian dictator as “the boss of a criminal organization” and “a bloodthirsty criminal”.

«Putin must answer for what he did to my country. Putin must answer for what he did to a nearby, peaceful country. And Putin must answer for everything he did to Alexey”, thundered Yulia Navalnaya, who in recent days promised to continue her husband’s work: he – she said – “will not see what the beautiful Russia of the future will be like, but we we must see her, and I will do my best so that her dream comes true, so that the evil ends and this beautiful future arrives.”

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The religious ceremony is scheduled for 2pm on March 1st in the church of the Icon of the Mother of God, in the Marino district, then the burial will take place in the nearby Borisov cemetery. But opponents complain that they have not been able to find an adequate room to contain as many people as possible.

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«We started looking for a church and a hall for March 1st. Everywhere they refused to give us anything. In some places we were told that it was forbidden”, accuses Ivan Zhdanov, advising to “come early” to the funeral to “have the chance to say goodbye” to Navalny for the last time.

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