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Navalny’s family prepares for funeral as hearse not found – BBC News

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Navalny’s family prepares for funeral as hearse not found – BBC News

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A fence was delivered in front of the church where Navalny’s funeral was planned (29th, south of Moscow)

March 1, 2024

Laura Gozzi, BBC News

The funeral for opposition leader Alexei Navalny (47), who was announced to have died suddenly in a prison in the Russian Arctic on February 16th, is scheduled for the afternoon of the 1st in south Moscow, and his family and aides are making preparations. There is. However, the bereaved family continues to face difficulties, including the inability to arrange a hearse to transport the body to the church where the funeral service will be held.

Yarmisz said the funeral home told him there was no hearse. He also wrote that “unidentified persons are threatening us over the phone not to accept Alexei’s body.”

Supporters also plan to broadcast the funeral on Navalny’s YouTube channel.

The support team is appealing to the public to attend the funeral. In addition to sharing a map of routes connecting churches and cemeteries, it has also published a list of locations where memorial services will be held outside Russia, including Seoul, Rome, Montreal and Stockholm.

It is unclear how many people will attend the memorial service in south Moscow.

Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s former chief of staff, told BBC Newshour he was worried about what would happen at his funeral in Moscow.

“I’m worried about the unforeseen situation. To be honest, even as we speak now, I don’t know if the authorities will actually allow so many people to say goodbye to Alexei,” Volkov said.

Volkov said officials are also concerned that there could be problems with the church where the funeral will be held.

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In March 2015, tens of thousands of people marched through the city to commemorate opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was murdered just outside Red Square. However, it is unlikely that a similar expression of condolence will be recognized by authorities this time.

In recent years, Russian authorities have severely suppressed any actions seen as criticism of the government. After Navalny’s death in prison was announced, makeshift cenotaphs were erected across the country and flowers continued to be laid, but hundreds of people who paid tribute to Navalny were detained and their flowers and photographs removed. .

By the 29th, posts on social media showed police setting up tight security and installing iron fences around churches and cemeteries where funerals and burials were planned.

According to the RusNews channel on the social media site Telegram, surveillance cameras were installed on “all streetlights” around the cemetery.

Calling attendees to be cautious

The First Department, a group of human rights lawyers and activists, has shared advice on social media for people planning to attend Navalny’s funeral, raising concerns that “pro-government activists” may deliberately provoke them. He urged people to be cautious.

“You may be detained after the ceremony… Be careful not to attract attention from security forces, and avoid using public transportation or submitting official documents for several days after the funeral.” advises this organization.

Human rights groups have also advised people not to carry any items with photographs of Navalny or the symbol of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, which he founded. The Anti-Corruption Foundation is designated as an extremist group by the Russian government.

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Play video, “‘Alexei was killed by Putin” wife Navalnaya speaks in European Parliament”, Duration 0,2100:21Video description,

“Alexei was killed by Putin,” his wife Navalnaya speaks in the European Parliament

Mr Navalny’s two children live abroad.

In a speech to the European Parliament on February 28, Navalnaya strongly condemned the death of her husband, saying it was on the orders of President Vladimir Putin. She said she doesn’t know if people attending the funeral will be arrested by police.

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