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Nebojsa Covic on psychologist Sabaz Nejpir and Dusko Ivanovic | Sports

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Nebojsa Covic on psychologist Sabaz Nejpir and Dusko Ivanovic |  Sports

“He wanted to drive him away immediately!” revealed the president of Zvezda about the “Shabaz Nejpijr case”.

Source: MN PRESS

The president of KK Crvena zvezda Meridianbet Nebojsa Čović spoke in the podcast with Luka and Kuzma about the new associate at the club – a psychologist who works with basketball players. Together with her, the club tried to help the American Shabazz Napier not to be a complete failure in the fall, but that didn’t help either.

“Ima, that young lady you see sitting where I am sitting, behind us, she started working from this season and I think it is the right move and the right thing. That it should be taken to an even higher level,” he said is Covic.

He revealed that it all started this summer, when the playmaker did not appear in Belgrade when he was supposed to. Montenegrin expert Duško Ivanović immediately wanted to punish him for that. “Shabaz? It wouldn’t be professional to say now, but we tried, we worked a lot with him, she suggested a lot of things, in terms of whether something could be done or not, so I won’t expand further. Shabaz is an educated guy and everything, but… It created a big disturbance for us from the beginning. Ivanovic was maximum for Šabaz from the beginning and that was all right, and then at one point Šabaz said that he would be five days late. And then Duško and that little bit of hair on the front of his head fell out. Such a reaction, and we signed a guaranteed contract… He said right away, ‘We’re chasing him.’ Shabaz had family problems, he was late, and we approved it, and Duško from that moment on made some kind of guard,” he said.

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And the young lady tried, and Duško Ivanović was losing what little hair he had! Čović revealed how Zvezda “broke” with Napier

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“From that moment on, things started between him and Duško. Duško did not leave because of him, just as Bjelica did not leave because of Duško, you have already seen the problems in the past weeks. And secondly, Bjelica should have collected the entire contract from Fenerbahce. And he didn’t at all was up to us. We respect Bjelica, and with Shabazz there was this pain. When Sferopoulos came, he said to him, ‘I have the utmost faith in you, you are my first point guard’. What else should he say to him? Actually, you see, and what is poorly present in the public is the behavior of one Miloš Teodosić at the age of 37. He held a basketball lesson in Nis, and we were not lucky enough to have Theo in some games in the Euroleague. That he had that approach and desire at that age, and remember when he came what the headlines were. Do I believe in him? All the way. He is very much our product, my product. We are interested in him extending for next season. Let him play as much as he wants. As long as he plays, he will contribute.”

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Čović spoke highly of Ivanović. “Duško is a demanding, outstanding coach, one of the best who worked at Zvezda. An exceptionally well-educated man, too, and there are not many coaches with those characteristics. However, he also spent some time, and mine is not only to make moves and decisions that everyone likes them, but you also have to make unpleasant decisions”

Napier returned to Armani at the end of 2023 and he is not doing well there either, and Duško Ivanovic took over Baskonia after parting ways with Zvezda in the fall and is well on his way to qualifying for the Euroleague playoffs.


02:17 Nebojša Čović on Nikola Topić Source: Mondo/Nikola Lalovic

Source: Mondo/Nikola Lalovic

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