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Neither with Biden nor with Trump: the majority of Americans do not want revenge in 2024

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Neither with Biden nor with Trump: the majority of Americans do not want revenge in 2024

American voters don’t want to see the current president either Joe Bidennor its predecessor Donald Trumpin the ballot for a new term in 2024. This is the hottest conclusion of a survey conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies and Harris Poll

A majority of the people polled by pollsters at the end of June said they were against the scenario of a possible rematch between the two contenders in the 2020 election. The only difference is that Trump appears to have a firmer grip on his electorate.

Biden: “A sad day”. And it focuses on the liberal vote in the Midterm elections

by Gianni Riotta

In detail, seven out of ten Americans believe Biden shouldn’t be running for a second term. Of these, 45% believe the current leader is a bad president, while 30% believe he is too old to continue. 15% simply think a change is better.

When asked about the president’s “mental fit” to continue in his office, 60 percent of all respondents doubt Biden is adequate. Among Republicans, 9 out of ten think so, while among Democrats more than 15%.

US, the Supreme Court expands the right to arms. Biden: “Very disappointed”

by our correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli

In a hypothetical dem primary election, 30% of respondents confirmed they would vote Biden, 18% Kamala Harris and 8% Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump is no better. Even for the former president, six out of 10 voters think that he should not stand for re-election. A third of the total believe he could be “divisive” for the country. 36% believe it is unreliable, and last but not least a good 30% hold it responsible for the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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Assault on Capitol Hill, the super-witness: “Trump wanted to go to the protest and tried to take the driving of the presidential car”

But despite all this, Trump is steadfast in his voters and in a hypothetical primary election among the Republicans he would get 56% of the votes. Behind him, with a gap, would be Ron DeSantis, with 16% and Mike Pence with 7% even more distant.

The poll was conducted between 28 and 29 June on a basis of 1308 registered voters.

United States, furious Trump wanted to drive presidential SUV towards Capitol Hill rioters?

by Massimo Basile

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