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Nelson Piquet wishes Lula death. Former F1 champion denounced

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Nelson Piquet wishes Lula death.  Former F1 champion denounced

ST. PAUL. Brazilian prosecutors have opened an investigation into three-time Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet after he was filmed wishing the death of the president-elect, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Lula narrowly won Sunday’s presidential election against Jair Bolsonaro, of whom the 70-year-old former champion is a big supporter. The former F1 driver is one of thousands of protesters who took to the streets to say they did not accept the results, which were confirmed by the highest Brazilian electoral authorities. Piquet also wants the military to prevent the left from taking office on January 1.

The federal prosecutor’s office in Brasilia said it will investigate Piquet for allegedly inciting violence and for stimulating rifts between the military and other branches of power. The investigation was triggered after Piquet appeared in a video that went viral this week saying “Lula in the cemetery”. “Nelson Piquet is a person of public notoriety and, for that reason, he should know that his statements have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people,” the prosecutor’s office said. Piquet and the person who recorded the video are expected to testify before the Brazilian federal police. Piquet made no comment.

F1, Hamilton offended by Nelson Piquet with a racist term. The reply from the British driver: “Archaic mentality”

Stefano Mancini

Earlier this year, other videos showed Piquet using homophobic language and addressing racial slurs at seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. The Brazilian has been widely condemned by F1, drivers, teams and the FIA ​​governing body. Piquet apologized to Hamilton afterwards, but said the terms, although “ill-thought”, were not meant to be offensive.

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