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Nepal sets a new condition for everyone who wants to climb Everest

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Nepal sets a new condition for everyone who wants to climb Everest

Nepal Mandates Tracking Chips for Everest Climbers

As the 2024 climbing season on Mount Everest kicks off, Nepal has implemented a new requirement for all climbers: they must rent and use tracking chips on their journey. According to Rakesh Gurung, director of Nepal’s Tourism Department, the use of tracking chips will be mandatory for all climbers in order to reduce search and rescue time in the event of an accident.

Climbers will be required to pay between US$10 and 15 for the chips, which will be sewn into their jackets. The chips utilize GPS technology to share information with satellites and were manufactured in a European country, although the specific details have not been disclosed.

Most climbers attempting to summit the 8,849-meter Everest do so through Nepal, paying a hefty fee of US$11,000 for a climbing permit. When factoring in additional costs such as equipment, food, supplemental oxygen, and Sherpa guides, the total expenses for a climb can exceed US$35,000.

Nepal, home to eight of the world‘s ten highest peaks, earns substantial income from mountain tourism. The country granted a record 478 climbing permits last year, but the perilous nature of the climb was evident as twelve climbers lost their lives on the mountain and five others are still missing.

Rescues at such high altitudes are extraordinarily challenging, as demonstrated by Gelje Sherpa’s heroic decision to forego his own summit attempt to rescue a Malaysian climber in Everest’s “death zone.” The window for summiting the mountain is limited to mid-May due to weather conditions.

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Despite the risks involved, climbers from around the world continue to be drawn to the challenge of conquering Everest. The new tracking chip requirement aims to enhance safety and expedite search and rescue operations on the “roof of the world.”

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