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Netflix’s The Last Airbender and the original series

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Netflix’s The Last Airbender and the original series

MADRID, Feb 23. (CultureLeisure) –

The live-action remake of Avatar the last Airbender has already arrived on Netflix. The platform has tried its luck again with the iconic animated series after the failure of M. Night Shyamalan’s film in 2010. On this occasion, the criticism has been somewhat betteralthough several changes have also been noted with respect to the starting material.

Initially, the creators of the animated Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were involved in the Netflix project. However, they ended leaving due to creative differences. These are some of the main changes that the streaming platform has made to its series.


The first big difference between both versions of Avatar: The Last Airbender arrives in the first episode of the Netflix series. The project of real image explicitly shows how Aang disappeared 100 years ago and how the Fire Nation massacred the Airbenders. In the animated series that terrible battle is not includedalthough its consequences.


Another very notable change is the absence of Comet Sozinwhich in the animated series is a kind of countdown to Aang. The Avatar must defeat the Fire Nation before the comet passes again and multiplies the forces of the incandescent villains. Netflix lo omiteprobably to be able allow the necessary time in the development of the next seasons, since its actors will inevitably grow. In any case, the comet does exist in the seriesbecause his last step was day of the airbenders genocide.

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He domain of water It seems fundamental in both series. However, in Netflix there are some changes. For a start, Katara initially doesn’t know how to control it. since no one has taught her because she is the last waterbender of her tribe. In animation, he masters it with ease and the focus is on how she teaches Aang to control her.


One of the most controversial changes was announced before the premiere. Netflix had removed Sokka’s sexist characterwhich in the animation was crucial in his development arc. The young man had to learn that women are as good warriors as men. In the live action series this has been removed, although Yes, his meeting with the Kyoshi Warriors continues.


He Spirit World It is an esoteric place that the Avatar can access to communicate with the dead. In animation, it was very difficult to get to it and it’s barely shown, but in the Netflix series Aang can pull it off with much easier just by meditating.


He Avatar status gives Aang his maximum powers, although there are substantial differences. To begin with, the Avatar Kyoshi gives Aang several keys about this state, something that in animation must be discovered little by little. To continue, in the Netflix series it seems that the process by which past Avatars take control of Aang is much more common and regulated than in the animation. To conclude, it is suggested that the Avatar’s powers include seeing the future, since Avatar Kyoshi predicts a battle with the Fire Nation at the North Pole.

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Although Zuko is also banished from the Fire Nation and has the mission to find the Avatar, his father has not deprived him of his right to be the heir to the throne, something that did happen in the animated series. Furthermore, the battle between the two in the Agni Kai is fully shown. And in it, Zuko yes he fights in the first instancesomething that in the original it refuses to do.


The tone of the Netflix series differs in some ways from the animated series, although the story is very similar. In the original, the focus was placed above all on the development of the characters, so each adventure – no matter how secondary – was important. Now it has been given a lot more importance to the war against the Fire Nation and, above all, the consequences and effects that the conflict has on the population.


The evil princess Azula, Zuko’s sister, has gained a lot of prominence in the Netflix series with respect to the source material. The villain only made occasional appearances and in fact, In the first season it didn’t even have dialogue the two times in which it is presented. Now she’s a character pivotal live action series.


In the animation, the Commander Zhao was a very important man of the Fire Nation. In the Netflix version, however, he doesn’t seem to be anyone notable. Besides, his villain character has been much reducednow being a sort of conspirator instead of a powerful antagonist. At the same time, in the current series an element has been added to his personality. And it is that He has ambitions to become the new Fire Lordsomething that is not mentioned in the animation.

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