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Neuer faces punishment at Bayern | Sports

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Neuer faces punishment at Bayern |  Sports

Manuel Neuer came to his defense and is now facing punishment.

Source: Profimedia

One of the best goalkeepers of all time Manuel Neuer he broke his leg during wintering at the end of the year and barely made it out alive, and that’s why they are so angry in Munich. They had to bring in a new goalkeeper, Jan Zomer, who will replace him until the end of the season (who knows what will happen in the future), while they also decided to “remove” goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalović, with whom Neuer was on friendly terms and used that to get information. from the dressing room.

Bayern realized this after months of investigation and fired Tapalović, and that’s it hit Neuer extremely well who sided with Croats in an interview and is now facing punishment for that.

“For me it was like the finishing blow. You know that punch in boxing when you’re already lying on the floor? It felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. It’s the most brutal thing in my career… I cried all day, all until I fell asleep It’s a shame that our relationship has to end like this“, said Manuel Neuer for “Atletik”, and because of these words, alarms went off in Bayern because another footballer disobeyed the management’s decision.

All the squad – Oliver Kahn, Hasan Salihamidzic and Julijan Nagelsman – were shocked when they saw what Neuer said in an interview that was not approved by Bayern, so they will “hit” the captain in the pocket for that.

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“What Neuer said publicly after Toni’s dismissal, in that interview, are not things that a Bayern player should do. His statement did not come at a good time because of the very important games that await us. He is hurt because of his friends, but some things in those situations, they don’t speak publicly. The interview that Neuer gave is the best indicator of how a Bayern captain should not and should not react. It does not show the true values ​​of our club and players.”said director Oliver Kan, and in this way he tried to calm the passions of the public after the dismissal of the goalkeeper coach.

Tapalović has cooperated with Neuer since his arrival from Šalka in 2011, and the two even spent summers together in Croatia.

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