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– Never listen to what he says

Scholars argue about how honest Johannes Thingnes Bø (30) actually has been before this year’s WC.

SUPER FORM ON THE WAY: Johannes Thingnes Bø was once again fastest in the track at Saturday’s WC sprint. That after a season in which he has not been at his sharpest on the track. Photo: MARTIN DIVISEK / EPA / NTB

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Published: 10/02/2024 21:39

– You must never listen to what he says. Johannes Thingnes Bø should just tone down everything he does before it really matters, but he is the one who does it most perfectly before championships and when it matters, says Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen.

– Maybe he’s been a bit smart, but I think he’s caught on a bit, all the same. I think he is in good shape, so it could be a fun WC for us, says Johannes Dale-Skjevdal.

In Saturday’s highly dramatic sprint, Sturla Holm Lægreid won with three seconds ahead of Thingnes Bø. Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen took bronze.

  • It also provides a good starting point before the start of Sunday’s hunt. It starts at 17.05, is broadcast on NRK 1 and can be followed in VG Live.

Johannes Thingnes Bø has spoken before the WC TV 2 about how calmly he has taken it, handbrake it on, in the hope of really finding WC form.

He has also spoken down about his own form and told VG that he deserves critical questions for his cross-country efforts this season.

– I have still kept the handbrake up and for once had a bit of ice in my stomach in my own form. Just be confident that it is there, the silver winner told TV 2 before the WC.

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It paid off: In Saturday’s sprint he was the fastest of all on the course, 5.8 seconds ahead of Johannes Dale-Skjevdal.

And this is what he said after the highly dramatic second battle:

Now some of his teammates are skeptical that the 30-year-old has been as relaxed heading into the championship as he himself says.

– It has been calm, I promise you that. Today I really hit on the body feeling I want, so I’m excited for the championship ahead. It bodes well for the future, says Thingnes Bø himself to VG.

Throughout his career, he has had a reputation for being very lightly trained – that he shows up to the summer’s gatherings out of shape, only to be superior when the exercises finally switch to snow.

– That’s probably right (he says). His strength is knowing what he needs. He often adapts day to day. He hit again, says elder brother Tarjei Bø.

Sjåstad Christiansen was clearly proud after his first individual WC medal:

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