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New book reveals another controversial testimony of Macron facing the youngest president in French history | Books | Al Jazeera

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Last Wednesday, two journalists from the French newspaper Le Monde, Gerard Davit and Fabrice Lom, returned to the controversy again with the new book Le Traitre et le Néant published by Fayard in Paris. This book provides a critical assessment of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency.

Five years after the publication of a book about former French President François Hollande, “Presidents Shouldn’t Speak Like This”, the book “Sarkozy Killed Me” about Nicolas Sarkozy was published Ten years later, this new book is based on his investigative blog (over 600 pages), with openness and absolute frankness, collecting testimonies from 110 well-known French officials and President Macron before and after entering the Elysee Palace.

The two reporters pointed out that this book is not a “trial”, but it reveals the behind-the-scenes scenes of Emmanuel Macron’s promotion to president and the ideological vacuum experienced by the “Forward Movement”. This explains the choice of the title: “Traitor” is Emmanuel Macron, and “Nothingness” is his great policy and tendency.

Hollande gave Macron the opportunity to hold multiple senior positions (Anadolu News Agency)

Macronism and betrayal

In the first part of the book, the book mentions that Macronism (as opposed to Macron) was born out of the crime of treason, because Macron had to kill his spiritual father Francois Hollande. Become the new president of the republic.

The book shows that Hollande gave Macron the opportunity. He was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysee Palace in 2012 and Minister of Economy in 2014. As the former Minister of Economy and Finance Pierre Moscovitch said, “The president’s close partner has an elite charm. He did not betray the left, but killed a president who put himself in a deadly position.”

Hollande said: “He (Macron) used the position of Deputy Secretary-General to establish a wide network of businessmen and celebrities. This incident opened up all possibilities for him. He is a traitor. He systematically betrayed me.”

This book confirms this claim because Emmanuel Macron is surrounded by influential and wealthy businessmen such as Henry Herman and Claude Birdrell. His lawyer Jean-Michel De Royce recalled that Macron told him that he wanted to make money and get rich before entering politics.

On November 16, 2016, Macron officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election. Hollande just announced two weeks ago that he had no intention of running for the second time.

Former Interior Minister Christophe Castana defended the French president and pointed out that what happened cannot be considered treason, because Macron aspires to be a possible left-wing political replacement. Otherwise, François Fei Forever will become the President of the Republic.

This book contains the testimonies of more than 100 officials (Al Jazeera)

Suspected of taking bribes and corruption

The most important testimony in the book comes from French Republican Congressman Olivier Malex, who pointed out that when Macron was Minister of Economy, there were allegations and suspicions of bribery in the sale of French industrial group Alstom to General Electric.

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The book also includes the testimony of Philippe De Villiers, the former chief of staff of the French armed forces, who said that French President Macron tried to buy him, kept him silent, and promised him a better position and a comfortable retirement.

This is an obvious bribery attempt. De Villiers believes that this is a flagrant violation of all red lines and responded to Macron by saying: “I have made my decision. We are a French knight family. Your proposal is an insult to me. Afterwards, he submitted his resignation on July 19, 2017.

Olivier Faure, chairman of the French Socialist Party, also emphasized that unlike other political organizations, Macron’s campaign team had nothing at that time, but received financial support. He said: “We know that some people pay to fund expensive campaigns. Some people know very well where their interests will go.”

Macron secretly launches the “Forward Movement” (Anadolu News Agency)

Secret organization

Emmanuel Macron told his inner circle, “This election deserves a better result. It is impossible for Sarkozy and Hollande to return. I want to consider new forms of participation. I want to build a movement. , Not a political party.” At that time, the circle included Adrian Taki, Minister of State for Child Protection, Macron’s communications consultant, and Ismail Emilian, one of the founders of the “Forward” movement.

Taki mentioned in his testimony that Macron organized meetings with inspirational figures, union members, business owners, associations and intellectuals.

They communicate secretly through the Telegram app. The co-founder of an election strategy startup confirmed this: “This is deliberately confidential, so Hollande will not find out. Even if it has not been officially confirmed, we know what to do.”

Regarding the name “En Marche” (En Marche), Taki said he later realized that the name came from the acronym of Emmanuel Macron.

The author of the book said that with the blessing of Bridget Macron, who supported this and participated in most of the conferences, the name of the movement was finally finalized.

Former president’s head of security affairs Alexandre Benalla said that Macron was very cautious; he burned his campaign documents in Brittany, 400 kilometers from Paris, leaving no records.

Macron’s wife Brigitte was a supporter of him (Anadolu News Agency)

Carefully studied plan

Macron spared no effort and paid great attention to his own image. Some people even think he is a modern Kennedy with a meticulous smile and offensive remarks. However, according to the book, one aspect Macron could not predict is his sexual orientation, namely the rumors of his relationship with French radio chief Mathieu Calais in the spring of 2016.

Unexpectedly, this rumor played a role in Emmanuel Macron’s campaign when he decided to talk about it publicly and pointed out that he was a man who could not tolerate lies and insisted on his marriage. He said:” Brigitte is unhappy about this, she knows the details of my life from night to morning.”

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However, the allegations of his former private bodyguard Alexander Benara assaulting a married couple and using fake passports during demonstrations in 2018 constituted a great scandal and embarrassment for Macron, who hated to spy on him behind the scenes that power. Therefore, according to the author of the book, the ideal scapegoat must be found to solve this problem, namely, Michel Delbucci, the then chief of the Paris police.

Macron was criticized for his handling of multiple crises (Reuters)

Weak republic

Pierre Moskovic, who was promoted to EU Commissioner in November 2014, said, “The French do not like him, he does not know them, he does not look like them, and we have never seen such a weak government of the Fifth Republic. “

The general secretary of the Elysée Palace, Aleski Koehler, said that Macron was too early to take over as the president. “He has a young entourage who only knows success, with an expression of contempt. Today, they will face reality. “

Former Minister of Agriculture Stephen Lefore believes that Macron pursues a policy of freedom and talks about the “new world”, but uses traditional formulas without any innovative measures.

For example, he believes that the abolition of the internal security forces and the abolition of housing taxes are crucial in the country, and the unemployment insurance reform is no different from what Jacques Chirac had previously proposed.

Olivier Fall criticized Macron’s management of national crises, including yellow vests and health crises, calling his approach “permanent improvisation.”

As for the internal conflict at the Elysée Palace, Julian Dre, one of Macron’s political patrons, stated that Macron “completely eliminated the team that put him on stage in 2017, and they left one by one. He quietly and methodically expelled them, So lest they become his opponents.”

Emily Carrillo, a former member of the “Forward Movement”, also criticized separatist laws and ministers who focused on proposing “pro-business visions that are not in line with the French model” because of “low political power.”

The writer and politician Eric Orsina even compared the French president to “Napoleon” and his government to a “great army.”

François Hollande’s testimony seems generous in this book; we see him talking about Macron in many places, he said that the French president “does not like politics and knows nothing about politics” and He is “a dreamer who only represents himself”.

Hollande called Macron’s government “virgin and immature.” According to the former Attorney General Rachida Dati, Sarkozy also held the same view, saying Macron was “about to fall.”

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Macron was accused of inconsistent words and deeds. The author of the article called him a “chameleon” (Reuters)

The other side of Macron

The publication of “Traitor and Nothingness” coincided with the French presidential election a few months before the French presidential election. Journalists Gerard Davit and Fabrice Lom posed this question to the testimony.

The most prominent issue is the status of the “forward movement” under the umbrella of the French president and its actual weight in today’s political circles. After Emmanuel Macron left the Elysée Palace, most (if not all) opinions were leaning toward the movement’s demise.

Former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Vals stated in his testimony that Macron has a leadership spirit, but his party has no domestic foundation or ideology. “It is a non-existent shell.”

Patrick Canet, the head of the socialist group in the Senate, added: “When Macron leaves, Macronism will end because it has no ideological or historical pillars.”

The last few pages of the book also pointed out that in the summer of 2021, Macron had only fulfilled 86 of the 401 pledges made. Obviously, the outbreak of the epidemic has hindered the implementation of all the president’s promises, but for the candidates who promised a “revolution” in the campaign platform four years ago, we are still far from achieving this goal.

Even the MP Pierre Persson, who gave up the chairmanship of the “Forward Movement” in 2020, pointed out in the book that the party is an “empty bag” and it has been established “to become a war machine for the founder to win personal battles.” , This is unique in French history.”

Persson added, “The party did not discuss any topics, whether it was about industrial policy or social policy, nor did it explain how to respond to the epidemic or determine the retirement age.”

The authors of this book tried to make a key summary of Macaronism. They called it “opportunism” and believed that the “forward movement” was a movement that could not be classified because it was created by a chivalrous young man in his youth. “Chameleon Leader” leader. As for Macron, he was a liberal extremist before 2017, a procrastinator and sovereign after the health crisis, a former adviser to the socialist president and minister of economy, then the head of state, who later appointed Martini The occupants of Weng’s Mansion (the prime minister’s residence) entrust key positions in the government to right-wingers. He congratulated Angela Merkel on accepting 1 million Syrian refugees in 2015, and then condemned the “false goodwill” on immigration issues nearly three years later. He blamed the 2015 attack on creating a breeding ground for jihadists and declared war on “Islamic separatism” on French territory last year.


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