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New bug in iPhone 14 “car crash detection”

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New bug in iPhone 14 “car crash detection”

Original title: iPhone 14 “car accident detection” new bug: the roller coaster will call the police

According to reports, Apple’s latest car crash detection feature could save lives in critical moments, but it could also be falsely triggered if a user goes on a roller coaster with a device that supports the feature.

The feature, which supports the latest iPhone 14 and Apple Watch, is designed to automatically detect serious car crashes and help users contact emergency services in a timely manner.

But the latest tests have shown that when users ride the roller coaster, the function will be triggered incorrectly.

Sara White, a 39-year-old American dentist, said her iPhone 14 Pro automatically called the police when she was riding the 33-meter-tall Mystic Timbers roller coaster at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. The roller coaster had a top speed of 82 km/h at the time.

The phone played an automated voice at the time: “The owner of this iPhone was in a serious car accident and did not respond to the phone.” Police were then called and White’s latitude and longitude coordinates were provided to police. However, the screams of the crowd on the roller coaster could be heard from the police call recording.

Emergency services were called to the amusement park, but no accident was found.

As the operator of the alarm call, the Warren County Communications Center in the United States provided six similar false reports of car accident information, all of which were triggered at the Kings Island amusement park.

An Apple spokesperson said the feature was “very accurate in detecting serious crashes” and would continue to improve it.

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In fact, this doesn’t just happen on Kings Island. Two thrilling rides at Dollywood Amusement Park have posted signs for similar issues.

“Mobile phones and other devices cannot be brought into any of the attractions,” the notice reads. “Apple Watches and similar devices may trigger emergency calls due to vigorous exercise during operation. To prevent your device from accidentally dialing an emergency call, please turn it off. Or enable airplane mode.”

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