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New federal private investor product launched

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New federal private investor product launched

Everything about interest, costs and duration of the federal government’s new investment product.

Bundesschatz, the federal government’s new investment product, has been closed since today www.bundesschatz.at available. All private investors active ID Austria (with full functionality) can use a modern and attractive investment product that sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and speed. “The new federal treasury creates one Free and highly secure investment alternative to bank products with fair interest rates for all. Creating an account takes no time at all and meets the highest security standards. This is unbeatable. I have been a Bundesschatz customer from the very beginning,” said Magnus Brunner, Federal Minister of Finance.

You can join for as little as 100 euros – without any expenses or fees

Federal treasures are securities of the Republic of Austria that can be purchased directly from the Republic of Austria. They are available in various terms from one month to ten years starting at just 100 euros. They are therefore suitable for all needs safe investment and are particularly interesting for cost-conscious private investors, as they come from the Republic of Austria no expenses or fees will be charged.

Chosen for you

“Another advantage of the federal treasury is that fair and competitive interest is paid regardless of the amount of the assessment, i.e. from just 100 euros. Everyone, regardless of whether they are new or existing customers, receive the same interest rates,” says Markus Stix, spokesman for the management of the Austrian Federal Financing Agency.

Fair fixed interest rates

“The interest rates for the respective terms are set daily and are based on current market interest rates. The interest rate is always fixed for the entire selected term, meaning it cannot change,” explains Stix. The interest depends on the respective term and are currently between 3.50% pa (1 month term) and 2.50% pa (10 year term). There is currently an inverted interest rate curve on the market, meaning investors receive higher interest rates for short-term investments than for long-term investments.

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Simple investment with the full security of the Republic of Austria

Federal treasures are purchased via the website www.bundesschatz.at. Die Authentication takes place exclusively via ID Austria (with full functionality). This brings great advantages in terms of the security of the product compared to other types of authentication and guarantees quick and efficient account opening. “Bundesschatz is the first financial product in Austria to use ID Austria technology when opening and managing accounts. This is how we guarantee double security. Secure returns in combination with the highest technical security standards. “The federal government is setting a good example here,” adds Brunner.

Chosen for you

After setting up the federal treasury account, the acquisition is quick and easy by transferring the desired investment amount from the reference account at a bank to the cash account of the Republic of Austria. Since the federal treasury is directly assessed by the federal government, no deposit insurance necessary. The money is therefore absolutely securely invested even beyond 100,000 euros.

“The purchase of federal treasuries is in contrast to federal bonds No securities account at a depository institution necessary. This means that this form of financial investment is completely free of charge. Federal treasuries also have a decisive advantage for private investors: they have no price risk. “So right from the start you know exactly how much interest you will receive at the end of the term and how high the payout amount will be,” says Stix, explaining the difference between federal treasuries and federal bonds.

Chosen for you

Green federal treasures as a world first

When it comes to terms, customers can choose between classic federal treasuries with terms of 1 month, 12 months and 10 years. There is also an absolute novelty in the Austrian investment universe: for everyone who wants to invest their money in a particularly sustainable way green federal treasures with a term of 6 months and 4 years the ideal opportunity to do this. Magnus Brunner, Federal Minister of Finance, said: “With green federal funds, in contrast to the classic format, the money is invested exclusively in green projects. Here the funds are dedicated and are used exclusively to finance green spending and investments by the state, such as expanding the rail infrastructure or enabling the green energy transition. The Republic of Austria is the first country to offer a green private investor product in euros on the financial market worldwide, thereby enabling investors to make green investments at short notice and without expenses.”

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Important note about the ID Austria registration with full functionality, which is required to use Bundesschatz:
Access to ID Austria is free and registration is easy and unbureaucratic in numerous authorities (e.g. municipal offices, district authorities, state police departments, tax offices) throughout Austria. In addition, ID Austria is the basis for the digital ID platform and – in addition to access to the new federal treasury of the Republic of Austria – offers numerous other applications from the areas of administration and business (e.g. access to FinanzOnline, social security, document service, entire reporting system). Almost 2.8 million people have already registered or are using ID-Austria. Further information about ID Austria (including registration options) can be found here:

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