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New leadership dispute in Trondheim Labor Party – Trude Basso and Roar Aas blame Trond Giske – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

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New leadership dispute in Trondheim Labor Party – Trude Basso and Roar Aas blame Trond Giske – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

– There is one shitshow. It’s completely wild what has happened in here. The party is tearing itself to shreds.

This is how political editor of Adresseavisen, Siv Sandvik, describes the situation in the Trondheim Labor Party.

Gunn Elin Høgli had to resign as leader of the Trondheim Labor Party on Friday. It is happening after the Østbyen labor association put forward a motion of no confidence.

At the annual meeting on Friday, 83 voted in favor, while 60 voted against.

After the defeat, Høgli took the podium.​​​​

– On 22 May, I received a phone call from the leader of Nidaros, Trond Giske, telling me that I was a supporter of AUF and that I was disloyal to the party, says Høgli, who added that Giske is said to have said that she should be thrown on a extraordinary annual meeting.

Gunn Elin Høgli says Trond Giske called her in May to say she was disloyal to the party. Giske is nectaring for that.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK

Giske: Høgli is not telling the truth

– I think processes like this are always painful and difficult, but sometimes you have to have a new team, says Trond Giske after Høgli has left.

He says Høgli’s presentation is incorrect.

– We have probably had our differences and we have worked closely together as a team. But here it was the members of the Trondheim Labor Party who said that we needed a new lease, a new give and a new direction.

In autumn, the Labor Party lost power in Trondheim after twenty years.

– Is it Høgli who will be responsible for the bad election in Trondheim?

– No, it is a collective responsibility, but we have to think ahead, says Giske.

Giske’s local association Nidaro’s Democratic Forum supported Høgli when she was elected a year ago. Now they have turned around. Giske explains this with the results of the last year.

– Of course, it is always painful when you have to make a personal choice.

A new leader will be elected on Saturday, but Giske denies that he wishes to become leader. Several in the party, on the other hand, claim that Giske has a hand in the game when it comes to the motion of no confidence. When asked about this, he replies that Nidaros is a large local team.

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– It was not us who proposed this proposal against the incumbent leader, but we also take a position on what comes up at an annual meeting.

Høgli on her way out of the room with tears in her eyes after she had to resign as manager of Trondheim Ap.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK

Høgli herself believes that she is to blame for being the troublemaker in the party.

– I actually think it is about the party wanting to calm down and seeing that we have been struggling for many years. One might see that I am the one who worries, but I think it would have happened anyway, she says on her way out of the annual meeting.

Debt at Giske

It is not just Høgli who points out that Trond Giske is behind the motion of no confidence.

Several in the party have expressed that it is Giske who has something to do with the leadership dispute in the party.

One of those who has spoken out critical of Giske is Trude Basso in Trondheim Ap.

– Now that was enough for us. Enough is enough. You can say things yourself or you can work strategically and long-term to get what you want. It’s not right, says Basso.

She described the situation to Address newspaper as if the party lives in grace because Giske has ambitions for himself.

– I’m quite fed up with the political banter.

Giske says this just before the annual meeting of the Trondheim Labor Party starts on Friday.

Several people think the whole process has been chaotic and disorderly because it has been discussed in public.

– What is disorderly is that the debates are held in the media and not here in the hall, says Giske.

The local group Giske is the leader of, Nidaro’s social democratic forum, supports the proposal that the annual meeting should elect a new leader for 2024.

A conflict between Trond Giske and the leader of the Trondheim Labor Party, Gunn Elin Høgli, is said to be the reason why a motion of no confidence has now been raised against the latter.

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Photo: Bjarte M. Johannesen / NRK

– Quite serious

Party secretary in the Labor Party, Kjersti Stenseng, was unimpressed by the local team on Friday evening.

– It is quite serious for Trondheim Ap when personal discussions and open conflicts become the charge to a very important annual meeting.

She says it is sad to read about the conflicts in the media, and asks everyone to respect differences both in politics and people.

– I also hope that what has happened now will be a wake-up call for them, and that we can use this weekend to get stronger.

Internal conflict taken in public

At the annual meeting, several members of the party criticize how internal unrest and conflict have been taken into the public eye. One of them is Emil Raaen.

– I want an organizational culture that discusses difficult matters internally, and that we behave so orderly in our processes that there is nothing to write about, he says from the podium.

– I think basically that good debates about both people and politics should take place internally as far as possible, says Emil Raaen.

Photo: Bjarte M. Johannesen / NRK

After the mistrust of Høgli became known in the media, an internal memo Raaen sent to several members of the party was also published.

“For my part, I have no experiences with Gunn Elin that are of such a nature that she deserves the distrust of the annual meeting. On the contrary, I have experienced good support throughout the election campaign”

– What I am trying to say is that I think it is important and valuable to have proper processes when changing managers. It is both about the leaders who will leave and the leaders who will join, Raaen explains to NRK.

Høgli herself thinks it is strange that there are no-confidence motions against her when she is not up for election.

Motion of no confidence

It started when the leader of the Trondheim Labor Party, Gunn Elin Høgli, received a call from the leader of the election committee to consider resigning.

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But Høgli had no intention of resigning.

– Here I stand and here I stand supported, she said before the meeting.

Then came the motion of no confidence.

It has been announced that a motion of no confidence will be presented to leader Gunn Elin Høgli at the annual meeting of the Trondheim Labor Party.

Photo: Bjarte M. Johannesen / NRK

“Eastbyen workers’ association wants a democratic clarification and our tool in the situation is to put forward a motion of no confidence.” it says in the proposal.

They wanted to elect a new leader during the annual meeting this weekend.

– I have registered what is happening, I come here and am not on the ballot. I was elected for two years. That’s my starting point, and I don’t know anything else.

This is what Gunn Elin Høgli says to NRK ahead of the annual meeting.

She was elected as leader of the Trondheim Labor Party last year with the local team of Giske behind her.

But now several people believe that Giske is pulling the strings and working behind the scenes to get him away.

– We need adults in the party

Board member Sara Shafighi told NRK that mistrust has not been an issue in the vast majority of local laws in Trondheim Ap.

– It has been demanding at times on the board. I have also disagreed at times, but I have taken that internally. This is how Sara Shafighi describes the year on the board of Trondheim Ap with Høgli as leader.

Photo: Oscar Sandø

– Most teams have confidence in the board of the party, says Shafighi.

She believes that one should respect the decision from last year’s annual meeting about Høgli as leader and let her serve out her two-year term.

– There are serious things that come up in the days before the annual meeting.

The Trondheim politician adds that not everything is perfect in the party, but that they must manage to clean it up internally.

– Then we need enough adults in the party who help to create a good party culture, with security and who are predictable, she adds.

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