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new platform and new features

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new platform and new features

After a few months of internal tests, tests with some of the site’s most loyal users and a public beta, the Forum on HDblog officially updated for everyone! Although the concept of the Forum today may be considered “obsolete”, we have nevertheless chosen to continue to offer a private, intimate and free place to all people who want to continue the discussion outside the site, thus providing the opportunity to broaden their knowledge , perhaps with the desire to also share their own experiences.

The new Forum is not classic and it’s a very different environment than the normal interfaces you’re probably familiar with. In fact, we chose the platform Discord to give the project an edge and allow everyone to use this space anywhere, with ease, immediacy and speed. Thanks to Discord, we will have a much more flexible foundation with which to grow any additional future projects.

For those who were shocked to see a Forum so different from usual, we invite you to browse for a few days: you will discover that, once you get used to it, the interaction is significantly improved compared to any other platform and, above all, completely customizable to your liking, both in terms of colors and type of discussions, home and general interface.

For everyone else, new to Discord or to this type of environment, we invite you to introduce yourself to the channel and ask for any information from our moderators and the Community, which is already very active.

It may seem a little strange but, to enter the Forum, you simply have to press the “” buttonJoin Server” which you find at the top right or at the bottom (depending on the device/view you are using); otherwise you can point directly to the tab Forum which you can find on the HDblog site, top left.

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In our Forum you will find everything you are looking for on Technology but with an “alternative” point of view: previews, advice, suggestions, impressions of use and tests of the most interesting products provided by users like you, absolute protagonists.

All in a polite and respectful space in which you can share many types of content including photographs, videos, audio, files and much more. The project is in progress, so it will also grow thanks to your advice, suggestions and feedback.

Discord is a multi-device platform and therefore has the great advantage of being able to be used via web browser or by downloading the respective official applications.

If you want to download it, click below to be directed directly to the various stores:

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