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New York governor’s sexual harassment scandal escalates first female criminal report

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Original title: New York Governor’s sexual harassment scandal escalated the first female criminal report

China News Service, August 7th. According to the “Central News Agency”, the Albany County Police Department in New York State said on the 6th that a former state government employee accused New York Governor Cuomo against her at the governor’s residence in Albany County. For sexual harassment, the woman has formally filed a criminal report to the police.

According to the report, the unnamed woman was an administrative assistant at the time. She told New York State investigators that Cuomo once touched her chest. The former assistant is one of at least 11 women who have been sexually harassed by Como by state investigators this week.

According to the investigation report released by New York State Attorney General James on the 3rd, the administrative assistant told investigators that Cuomo called her to the governor’s residence in November 2020, then took her into a room and closed the door. Cuomo reached in Her coat touched her.

Como’s lawyer said that the woman did visit the governor’s residence that day, but said that Como did not touch her improperly.

Como’s lawyers also criticized James for failing to publish the transcripts of the witnesses’ confessions to the investigators, which prevented them from directly viewing the evidence.

James’s spokesperson responded that the confessions of the 11 women were corroborated by a large amount of evidence, and any statement that tried to undermine the credibility of these testimonies was inappropriate.

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