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New York Times, after 40 years today the first strike of journalists

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New York Times, after 40 years today the first strike of journalists

After 40 years in business, today more than 1,000 employees of New York Times (nyt) they will not work. The strike comes as contract negotiations between management and members of the union (NewsGuild), which represents 1,450 Times employees (including 1,270 newsroom employees) have stalled for nearly 2 years over pay and benefits issues.

Neither negotiation

In separate notes Wednesday evening, Chief Executive Meredith Kopit Levien and Executive Director Joseph Kahn expressed their disappointment at the protest. «Strikes – Kahn wrote in an e-mail to collaborators – usually occur when negotiations get stuck. We are not at this point today.”

Last week the NYT union said it would go on strike on Thursday if a contractual agreement was not reached by that date. On Wednesday evening, some 1,100 union members pledged not to work today and forfeit their wages, a union member said.

Collaborators around the world

Including non-union employees, the NYT has more than 1,800 associates worldwide. A spokeswoman for the Times said that despite the large share of US employees who planned to leave work Thursday, the company is “ready to ensure the Times continues to serve our readers without interruption.”

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The Times has identified editors with a reporting background who can cover the news Thursday, according to people close to the company. “The strike – Kahn wrote in his memo on Wednesday evening – will not affect the company’s ability to publish a paper newspaper, but it will be more difficult than usual”. Employees plan to picket the Times building in Midtown Manhattan at 1 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, the union said.

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