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[News Highlights]Is 60% of China’s flights cancelled? | Putin | The Epoch Times

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[News Highlights]Is 60% of China’s flights cancelled? | Putin | The Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, September 22, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Watch”, I am Li Muyang. Today is September 21st (Wednesday) EST and September 22nd (Thursday) Asia Pacific time.

Today’s focus:Mainland China suddenly canceled domestic flights on a large scale across the country, and it seems that something major has happened. Russia recruited 300,000 troops, and the Ukrainian war escalated significantly. While Putin made another nuclear threat, there were satellite photos showing that Russia had restarted its nuclear missile test, which seemed to burn everything. Then, let’s talk about Guiyang City, the hell on earth. After 27 people died tragically, Guiyang had the “worst community” again, and “volunteers” deducted supplies to change into beds, etc.

Large-scale flight cancellations across China Putin makes another nuclear threat, invades Ukraine or escalates the three wars? Restarting the nuclear missile test, Russia wants all jade and stone to burn? Guiyang has turned into a hell on earth. The community is unblocked but cannot go out. “Volunteers” exchange things for sex, transfer and isolate and pull the wrong building.

60% of flights across China are canceled, is there a major event?

Today (21st), the CCP held a national defense and military reform seminar in Beijing. Xi Jinping once again stated at the meeting that the CCP military should “focus on preparing for war” and should focus on preparing for actual combat.

According to the official website of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, Xi Jinping said at the meeting that the Chinese military “must grasp the new situation and mission requirements, and focus on preparing for wars.”

This is not the first time Xi Jinping has emphasized “preparing for war”. People are not new to Xi Jinping’s remarks. But another incident happened today that added a little more speculation.

Today (21st), various airports in China canceled flights on a large scale, with an overall cancellation rate of nearly 60%. This incident appeared on the same day as Xi Jinping’s speech on “preparing for war”. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or indeed related.

Initially, some mainland netizens posted screenshots in the group chat. Shanghai Pudong Airport cancelled 381 flights, Hongqiao Airport cancelled 145; Changzhou Benniu cancelled 41 flights; Guangzhou Baiyun Airport cancelled 295 flights, Xiamen Gaoqi cancelled Of the 184 flights, Nanjing Lukou Airport cancelled 218 flights.

Checking the relevant information, I found that it is true that a large number of flights have been cancelled at airports across the country. Not only airports in “coastal areas” have been cancelled on a large scale, but even Tibet has cancelled flights on a large scale.

After verification, Zhao Lanjian, a former media person in mainland China, confirmed that “more than half of the flights have been cancelled” across the country. The screenshot shows that as of 10:49 a.m. local time, there were 12,932 planned domestic flights nationwide, and 6,792 were cancelled. The number of cancelled flights subsequently continued to increase, with a total of 7,807 flights cancelled as of around 10 p.m. local time that day. The national flight cancellation rate was as high as 59.66%.

So many flights were suddenly cancelled for no apparent reason, and many people were looking for the reason. Subsequently, the mainland’s “First Financial” distributed a Weibo at midnight saying that since the outbreak of the CCP virus (new crown virus), flight cancellations are “normal”.

“Fei Changzhun”, which pays attention to aviation dynamics, also said that the cause of the large-scale cancellation of flights was the epidemic. “Flying Changzhun” even stated that the status of flights across the country today is basically stable and normal, with no obvious fluctuations.

However, Zhao Lanjian said in a tweet that he made a special trip to ask a “professional in the wall”, and the reply he got was very different from the statements of “Flying Changzhun” and “First Financial”.

Zhao Lanjian said in a tweet, “This large-scale flight cancellation must be ordered by the military. The air traffic control authority is determined by the Chinese (CCP) military, and then the order is given to the civil aviation management department. The airspace is reserved for military aircraft. Fly whatever you want. It’s a military plan, or at least an armament rehearsal.”

Below this tweet, some netizens commented, “Only military changes can do this.” Some netizens said, “It must be a major event, and it is not because of the epidemic, but political or military.”

Some netizens also said, “In order to make way for the Wendur Khan route.” Another netizen said, “Maybe it’s to prevent a high-level executive from fleeing? Play the gang fight between Mao and Lin again.”

The speculations of netizens are divided, and each has its own view. Among the many different accounts, there are relatively more people who hold the “something big is going to happen” view. But what happened, no one knows. So until the truth comes out, all kinds of speculation may continue to appear.

Russia recruits 300,000 soldiers, Putin admits defeat to West

This morning (21st) local time, Putin delivered a national speech, announcing the launch of “partial mobilization” in Russia, and an order has been signed. Then Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said that 300,000 reservists will be mobilized.

Russia’s newly recruited reserve force of 300,000 troops will be deployed to southern and eastern Ukraine to “consolidate” and “control” the more than 1,000-kilometer “front line”, AFP said. The so-called “front line” is actually Russia’s rear defense line.

Shoigu said Russia’s total combat population is about 25 million. The 300,000 reservists mobilized represented just over 1 percent of the total combat population. He also admitted that 5,937 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine.

But this figure is far lower than Ukrainian and Western statistics. Western countries estimate that more than 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since February 24.

Putin recorded a televised speech in advance for this big move. In his speech, Putin put the responsibility for the protracted aggression on Ukraine on the West, claiming that “the purpose of the West is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy” Russia, so it is necessary to take “pre-emptive military action” against Ukraine to “protect Russian sovereignty, security and territorial integrity”. He said it was not only “absolutely necessary” but “the only possible decision”.

Putin means that Russia was “forced” to invade Ukraine and had to take a “pre-emptive strike” to invade Ukraine.

Putin said in his speech that “Washington, London, Brussels” are pushing Kyiv to transfer military operations to Russian territory, and that the West “defeats Russia by all means on the battlefield” to “completely plunder our country”. It is “the most sophisticated troops and weapons in the West”.

The Wall Street Journal said Putin’s speech was “the clearest sign yet” that “Russia is powerless to confront Ukraine and the West” in Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II.

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Putin reissues nuclear threat to invade Ukraine or escalate three wars?

After watching Putin’s 15-minute speech, I feel that some of his logic is very funny. In his speech, he referred to the Russian-occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as two countries. More than 7.5 million people live in those two countries, as well as in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine, he said. Of these, “many were forced to become refugees and leave their homes”; the remaining approximately 5 million were under “constant shelling and rocket fire”.

In fact, the two regions of Donetsk and Luhansk were originally Ukrainian territories. Russia occupied these two regions by armed force in 2014. Now Putin calls these two Russian-occupied areas “liberated areas”, two “people’s republics”.

As we all know, as early as the period of the Kuomintang-Communist civil war, the CCP also called the occupied areas “liberated areas”. But it was not the so-called “liberated area”, and the Chinese people at that time felt it the most. The CCP massacred the Chinese people in the occupied areas and created all kinds of terror. People lived in fear and trepidation. Up to now, the CCP has ruled the whole of China, and countless netizens now refer to China as “West Korea” or “Occupied Area”.

As for the two regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson, they were once captured by the Russian army after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many people were forced to flee their homes. Those who did not escape lived in terror every day under artillery fire. All of these were caused by the Russian invasion, but Putin said it was caused by Western support for Ukraine.

Putin’s two logics remind me of a big brother Wang I met many years ago. When I was living in the mainland, I met Mr. Wang, a Falun Gong practitioner in Tianjin. He is older than me, so I always call him Big Brother Wang.

Brother Wang was detained in Tianjin Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp in 2001 for practicing Falun Gong. In order to “transform” Brother Wang, the labor camp arranged for two prisoners to “double-team” him for 24 hours.

Once, one of the prisoners called Brother Wang to him and forced him to “transform”. The prisoner was just persuading him at first, but seeing that Brother Wang was unmoved, the prisoner began to rude to him, and slapped him when he said a word.

The prisoner said “do you fucking know”, and then slapped the face; the prisoner then said, “I’m all for your own fucking good”, and then slapped in the opposite direction. Brother Wang later introduced to me with a wry smile that because of his short stature, the prisoner was very “squeaky”, and Brother Wang had a lot of nosebleeds.

Putin’s logic reminds me of the experience of Brother Wang, and I feel that Putin’s statement is somewhat similar to the prisoner’s statement.

Let’s continue with Putin’s speech. Putin said that the “nuclear blackmail” in the West has begun, and the Western countries are “talking” about the “use of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons” against Russia. Putin warned of a “nuclear attack” to “those who allow themselves to make such remarks against Russia”.

Putin said, “I want to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction and is in some respects more modern than NATO countries. If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly do everything possible to protect Russia and our people. This Not bluff.”

What Putin claimed to be “more modern than NATO countries” means of sabotage, he did not mention. I will talk about this later. Russia has a nuclear-powered missile, and it must be guarded against. Let’s move on to Putin’s threat here.

Putin then “stressed” again that “everything will be done” for “territorial integrity” and “independence and freedom”. He also said that “wind roses can also turn in their direction”.

Regarding Russia’s large-scale military recruitment and Putin’s “nuclear threat”, the “Wall Street Journal” pointed out that “this means a major escalation of the war in Ukraine.” . Faguang also believes that this is “paving the way for a major escalation of the war in Ukraine”.

If it is true that the Ukrainian war will be “significantly escalated” as Western media judges, and even Putin will use nuclear weapons, will Western countries directly participate in the war? This possibility is very large.

Restarting the nuclear missile test, Russia wants all jade and stone to burn?

Taiwanese media “New Head Shell” reported today (21st) that based on the latest satellite photos, military experts concluded that Russia restarted the 9M730 “Haiyan” nuclear-powered cruise missile test on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean.

The report said that the satellite shooting location was a nuclear weapons test site called “Pankovo” in Novaya Zemlya. Experts pointed out that in 2018, before Russia publicly confirmed that it was developing the “Haiyan” nuclear-powered cruise missile, this area was a test base.

The latest satellite photos confirmed that new bunkers and anti-radiation shelter facilities were added here on Novaya Zemlya, and a 13-meter-long transport vehicle was also found, suspected to be used for transporting missiles.

At present, the outside world does not have the specific data of “Haiyan”, but this will not relieve people’s nervousness, because “Haiyan” has a nickname of “Flying Chernobyl”. The report said that instead of using the current rocket propellant for rockets, missiles and ballistic missiles, the “Haiyan” uses a small nuclear reactor to provide missile power.

Theoretically speaking, the attack distance of “Haiyan” is “infinite”, “even long-duration flight, it can attack any part of the world“. Putin once described the “Haiyan” as a “missile with unlimited range” that “can restrain all existing missile defense systems”.

A more serious problem is that the uranium core that produces the power of the “Haiyan” needs to be cooled by external air, and the cooling air will therefore contain radioactive isotopes, which will be left in the area where the missile flies, and will be scattered with the wind, causing unpredictable large-scale damage. large-scale nuclear contamination.

If the “Haiyan” was intercepted by defense systems, the resulting nuclear contamination would spread and cover unpredictable areas as it was intercepted.

Once “Haiyan” is used, what kind of impact will be caused, and now everything is unpredictable. But these threats cannot be ignored by anyone. This may be what Putin calls “wind roses may also turn in their direction,” or what Putin claims is “more modern than NATO countries” means of sabotage.

Military experts believe that “Haiyan” can be used at all costs only when “a mortal nuclear war breaks out”. Russia restarted the test at this time. Experts said that this may be a warning of Russia’s “Jade and Stone Burning”.

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Fa Guang said bluntly in the title of the article that Putin is “going to a dead end”. The article stated, “If Putin orders the use of nuclear weapons, it would be an irreversible giant step towards self-destruction.” action.

A few minutes after Putin’s threat, direct flights to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, and Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, were snapped up by the Russian people in an instant.

According to the independent Russian media “Media People” and “Vestka”, because both Istanbul and Yerevan can enter without a visa, Moscow’s flights to these two places were sold out in minutes and flew to Tbilisi. Tickets for Sri Lanka were also sold out quickly. Before Putin’s speech, Google searches for “how to leave Russia” had exploded.

I saw a video. After a Russian soldier entered the house, he rummaged through boxes to find someone, and finally opened the refrigerator door, and a young man squatted in the refrigerator.

The West Condemns Putin for the Exposure of the CCP’s Aid to Russia

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not worried about Putin’s threat, calling Putin’s military action a “sign of panic”. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted Rutte today (21st) as saying that “Putin’s remarks about the nuclear threat have been heard many times before”, which does not mean that Putin will use nuclear weapons.

The report also said other Western politicians had played down the threat that the Russia-Ukraine war could escalate into a nuclear war, but condemned Putin.

Brinker, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, said Putin’s “partial mobilization” was “a sign of Russian weakness.” He said the U.S. would never recognize the territory of Ukraine claimed by Russia. No matter how long it takes, we will continue to stand with Ukraine.

British Defence Secretary Wallace said Putin’s mobilization order was an admission that the Ukraine plan had failed. “With ill-equipped and poorly led conditions, he and his defense minister have killed thousands of citizens. No amount of threats and propaganda can hide the fact that Ukraine is winning.”

German Deputy Chancellor Harbeck said it was “another bad and wrong step for Russia” and that Berlin was considering a “political reaction” to the escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Czech Prime Minister Fiala said that Russia’s announcement of the partial mobilization order was “an attempt to further escalate Russia’s war against Ukraine”, which further proved that “Russia is the only aggressor”. “Help Ukraine is necessary and we must continue to do so in our own interests.”

The foreign minister of Latvia, a Baltic country that borders Russia, said that although the level of Russia’s military threat to Latvia is not very high, Latvia will no longer issue visas to Russians who try to escape “partial mobilization” for humanitarian or other reasons. or provide shelter.

However, Lithuania, another Baltic country, did not dare to neglect. After Putin made this televised speech, it immediately responded to the possible escalation of the conflict. The Lithuanian Defense Minister tweeted that the Lithuanian Rapid Reaction Force was on high alert and ready to face provocations from Russia.

In the face of Putin’s threats, Western countries are expressing condemnation. Only the CCP is “harmony” and hypocritically calls on all parties to find a solution to everyone’s security concerns through “dialogue and consultation.” But in fact, the CCP supported Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and now physical evidence has been captured.

On the 17th, a military reporter with the online name “Black War” posted a video on Twitter, which was recorded by Ukrainian military personnel. The video shows the booty seized by the Ukrainian army, including mortar shells seized by the Ukrainian army from the Russian army on the Donetsk front line. These shells are 60mm caliber and originate in China. The ammunition boxes also contain Chinese descriptions of the drugs, their names and quantities.

Some netizens said that this 60mm shell was the reserve of the CCP during the war of aggression against Vietnam, and it was the shell with the largest production capacity in China. There are hundreds of millions of shells in China, most of which are 60mm mortar shells.

Guiyang’s “worst community” is unblocked but cannot go out

Next, let’s talk about the situation of hell on earth. The tragic death of 27 people who were transported and quarantined in Guiyang City, Guizhou, almost shocked the whole world. However, this man-made disaster did not help to improve the epidemic prevention situation in Guiyang, and all kinds of demonic chaos continued to appear.

Today’s (21st) “Today’s Toutiao” stated on Weibo that Guiyang has a “worst community”. It has been unblocked for several days, but people can’t go out. to go out.

From the screenshots of the network, it can be seen that this “worst community” is the “Fontaine Egret Community” in Nanming District, Guiyang City. This community is surrounded by Yunyan District, and the road outside the community belongs to Yunyan District. So how miserable is the Fontaine egret community?

There is a dialogue on the Internet, which looks like a dialogue between the residents of this “worst community” and the epidemic prevention and control personnel. According to the dialogue, a resident asked, “Did Nanming unblock our community?” The answer said, “Yes, your community is under the jurisdiction of Nanming.” But when asked if the residents in the community could go out, the answer they got was: “No”, because the only entrance and exit of the community is on the road belonging to Yunyan District.

The resident asked, “Is it true that we can’t go out after Yunyan lifts the blockade, and we can’t go out until Yunyan and Nanming can communicate with each other?” They replied, “Theoretically, this is the case.”

Yunyan District is a sealed-off area, and it is said that “there is a guaranteed supply, and the government sends vegetables and rice.” But the Fontaine egret community just across the street had nothing, because they belonged to Nanming District. After a while I will talk about the “guarantee” of this dog day, and there are detestable sins hidden here. Let’s talk about this “worst neighborhood” first.

Through this dialogue, everyone should be clear that this Fontaine egret community is actually a place of “three noes”. No one cares about the delivery of food and vegetables here, no one cares about the soaring prices here, and no one cares about the life and death of the people here. However, they do not care about anything. As long as the residents step out of the gate of the community, they will manage and restrict.

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A resident of the Fontaine Bailu Community wrote, “Neighbors, we all know the particularity of the geographical location of our community. It belongs to Nanming, which has been unblocked, but it cannot step out of the gate of the community to Yunyan. The government sends materials to Yunyan. , we can’t go out of the community to buy cheap materials, we can only buy high-priced materials in the community, and we can’t guarantee safety.”

The post reads, “In the absence of resumption of work, multiple purchases of high-priced materials will increase a lot of expenses and pressure for many families. Only purchasing safe and affordable materials is the top priority.”

A netizen said, “Poor community, my father doesn’t care for my mother, and I don’t love my mother. Unblocking will relieve loneliness. If you don’t unblock it, you will still have supplies. After unblocking, you can only starve.”

This netizen said that this is a community where my father does not love my mother, and I can understand it. Netizens said that “there are still materials if the blockade is not lifted”. What he meant should be that the blocked communities have “guaranteed supply” of materials by the government.

Maybe what he saw was like this, the “guaranteed” supplies were delivered to the residents. But if you see the content of the netizens’ revelations, I don’t know if they will say the same.

“Volunteers” pull the wrong building in exchange for barter transfer

Some netizens exposed a few screenshots of the chat on Twitter and Weibo. Judging from the text, it was a conversation in the “Guiyang foreman group”, and there were 358 people in the group.

The tweet stated that in Guizhou Huaguoyuan, “Everyone is so hungry. When a volunteer locates a beautiful girl, deducts her meal first, and then delivers her meal twice a day, maybe she can go to bed. Just a dozen or so. God, the big whites have been quick to spot the opportunities under the new power structure.”

In the screenshot of the conversation, a scumbag posted that he wanted to find a few good-looking women, and exchanged bedtime for meals. Two other scumbags followed Ying He and said that there are many girls in a certain area of ​​Huaguoyuan, and they want to be “volunteers” with friends. Some people also collected the information of beautiful girls in various communities, made a table and sent it to the group to share.

During the epidemic in Guiyang, the situation in Huaguoyuan Community was the worst. I disclosed on the show earlier that many people asked for help online, and some had no food for three days. And these scumbags took advantage of the “volunteer” opportunity and pretended to take advantage of the opportunity to deliver supplies to their door to write down the girl’s appearance and share it with other scumbags. Taking advantage of their starvation and inner fear, they “exchanged” things for sex.

Although there is currently no evidence that these scumbags have started, there is no doubt that these people have obvious criminal intent. This is one of the sins of the CCP’s constant blockade and control. Under the CCP’s policy of “zeroing out”, we can’t count how many similar crimes there are, but it is safe to say that if the blockade continues for a long time, the common people will be played to death by the CCP sooner or later.

To be honest, I don’t understand very much, and I don’t know why the people of Guiyang are so honest. There have been painful lessons of 27 lives in front of them, but they have not yet been seen to rise up and resist. It is still resigning itself, and is still “cooperating” with the CCP’s inhumane “zero” policy.

Today (21st) there is another very absurd thing that also happened in Guiyang. Some netizens posted that the best friend who lives in the sweet town of Yunyan District, Guiyang City tested negative for more than ten consecutive days, but was taken to Wuchuan for isolation the night before yesterday.

Yesterday, the neighborhood committee discovered that in the building where the best friend lived, the entire building was gone, so they immediately called the police and said that the entire building had disappeared. It was only last night that I found out that it turned out that the wrong person was pulled in for the transfer and quarantine. It was another building who was notified, but they were pulled away from this building.

This world is now full of ghosts and ghosts in broad daylight.

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