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[News Highlights]Officials admit that the out-of-control Shanghai epidemic is “spicy eyes” | Shanghai closed city | CCP’s reset policy | Shanghai Pudong

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[News Highlights]Officials admit that the out-of-control Shanghai epidemic is “spicy eyes” | Shanghai closed city | CCP’s reset policy | Shanghai Pudong

[The Epoch Times, March 31, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to the news, I am Li Muyang. Today is Wednesday, March 30th, ET, and Thursday, March 31st, Asia Pacific.

Today’s focus: The official admits that it is out of control, and the Shanghai epidemic is “spicy”; will the medical system collapse? Prevention or upgrade in various places? Another case of delayed death, many people died in the nursing home; there was a lot of online help, and young people reported that the management was chaotic; 24 software failed to grab food, and residents broke through the blockade and marched.

60 Seconds News

CNN quoted a White House official as saying that at 10:45 a.m. Eastern time on the 30th, Biden and Zelensky had a phone call, expressing the United States‘ firm support for Ukraine.

On the 30th, Zelensky delivered a speech to the Norwegian parliament, calling on European countries to ban Russian ships from docking and urging Norway to provide more energy to Ukraine and the European Union.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on the 30th that Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang will hold a video summit with EU leaders on April 1. EU officials told the media that the EU-China summit will be a “defining moment for EU-China relations” and that if Beijing sided with Russia, it would have a negative impact on itself.

Two British judges of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal announced their resignation on the 30th, because they were unwilling to endorse the Hong Kong government, which deviates from the values ​​of political freedom and free speech. British Supreme Court President Wei Yande said that he and Vice President He Zhiyi have resigned as overseas non-permanent judges of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal with immediate effect.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 28th that Elon Musk, the world‘s richest man, said he was seriously considering creating a new social media platform because Twitter did not follow the principles of free speech.

As of March 30, 2:00 pm ET, including the reporting figures from several opaque countries such as the CCP, the number of newly diagnosed CCP virus cases in the world reached 2,694,389, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 485.5 million 6335; a single day 5,481 people died, bringing the cumulative total to 6,156,484.

Enter today’s topic below. The Shanghai authorities shrugged and admitted that the epidemic was out of control, and there were calls for help on the Internet. The National Health and Health Commission of the Communist Party of China suddenly issued a document, pointing out that regardless of the danger of “prevention” and only “governance”, two situations need to attract people’s attention.

Official admits out of control Shanghai epidemic “spicy eyes”

Today (30th) is the third day of Shanghai’s lockdown. The National Health and Health Commission of the Communist Party of China reported that yesterday Shanghai set a new single-day infection record with 5,982 cases. Among them, 326 cases were confirmed and 5,656 people were asymptomatically infected. The number of patients with asymptomatic infection alone increased by 1,300 people compared with the day before yesterday.

Again, the official figures are for reference only. Because the epidemic prevention experts in Shanghai have already admitted in disguise that the epidemic is out of control. The mainland portal NetEase quoted Wu Fan, a member of the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control team and deputy dean of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, as saying, “The epidemic in Shanghai is characterized by the coexistence of regional aggregation and city-wide distribution.”

Experts always speak so mysteriously, what does “regional gathering and city-wide distribution” mean? In fact, this is the official statement that the epidemic is out of control. I will translate it in words that everyone can understand. To put it bluntly, the virus like Omicron has been out of control in the whole city of Shanghai, the virus has spread all over the city, and the community transmission is very serious.

At noon today (midnight local time), netizens sent a screenshot of the chat in an email. It shows that in Pudong Shangnan Sansi Village, the authorities dispatched 2 buses and took at least 60 people for quarantine.

This morning, a Shanghai netizen told me in an email that through the “epidemic map” on the homepage of “Baidu Map”, you can see the location of the epidemic that has been officially notified within 14 days. The email stated that when searching for Shanghai’s official positive location, “I found myself submerged in a sea of ​​red flowers. Shanghai is already densely packed, the density is unimaginable, and it is only officially announced.”

Netizens said, “Looking at the high density of Shanghai, you can be shocked.” “Looking at the density, Shanghai is the first in China, and neither Shenzhen nor Changchun can compare.” He also suggested that everyone go and have a look, “get a taste of the scale of the epidemic in Shanghai, it’s irritating.”

Another Shanghai netizen sent me two screenshots of group conversations. But netizens asked not to show it, because it was easy to find the person who spoke. So I can only tell you the general meaning of the conversation.

The person mentioned in the group is a man who lives in Puxi and his wife works as a nurse in a private hospital in Pudong. Due to the shortage of manpower, today (30th) this person’s wife was recruited to work in Pudong again. The man is angry because it means his wife can’t go home for a long time.

This person said that all major hospitals in Pudong have been closed for management, but the private hospital where his wife lives is still going strong. “I want to show my loyalty to ZF (the government) and continue to receive new patients from outside.” But the key is that this hospital “doesn’t even have an isolation room, and those who are positive will be exposed to the same environment as normal ones.”

A new patient was transferred from a closed place last time, but the head nurse did not let the nurses wear “big white (isolation suits)” for fear of causing panic. After several nurses jointly protested, saying “life is important”, “you won’t get on the plane if you don’t wear it, you have to go by yourself”, the hospital issued a “big white”.

The person also revealed that positive cases in this hospital were “quietly pulled away and not reported.” A director of the department negotiated with the hospital’s upper management, saying that this would not work, but was scolded by a vice president “if you don’t want to do it, get out.” Unexpectedly, the director was very “arrogant”, saying “you sign and I will leave”, forcing the vice president to keep silent.

Seeing this chaotic situation, a nurse who was rehired from a large hospital “resigned decisively”. Said “It’s too messy, I don’t have any common sense for epidemic prevention|”. Then this person persuaded his wife that “life matters” and quit her job if she couldn’t. But the man’s wife has not resigned.

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Whether it is the official slogan or the private disclosure, it can be seen that the scale of the epidemic in Shanghai is very large. But the authorities are trying desperately to cover up in various ways, and even if the cases are discovered, they are not reported and deal with by themselves. Then everyone can imagine what the real situation of the Shanghai epidemic will be.

Everyone understands a problem. Whether it is a public hospital or a private hospital, it is a place to treat and save people. Medical staff know better than the average person how to protect and how to cut off the source of infection. But what this hospital shows us is disorder and chaos.

Will the healthcare system collapse? Prevention or upgrade in various places?

In addition, people are worried that with the number of cases rising and the number of cases emerging in large numbers, how long can the medical system in Shanghai last? Will the collapse of the medical system in Wuhan also occur? There is one situation that is worth noting. The National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China seems to be warning.

Today (30th), the official WeChat account of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China published an article written by Party Secretary and Director Ma Xiaowei. Ma Xiaowei warned that “the prevention and control of the epidemic is the greatest of the country.” If “prevention” is ignored and only “governance” is concerned, China‘s medical system will face the danger of breakdown.

Ma Xiaowei said in the article that only by “dynamic clearing” can the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development be minimized. “Strict epidemic prevention measures will bring some inconvenience to some areas and some people. But these images are short-term and limited in scope.”

As the first senior official of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China, I think everyone should pay attention to the sudden warning of such an article. I think his article came out, there may be two situations.

The first situation is that the epidemic prevention and control measures in various places are likely to be more severe, especially in Shanghai and other cities where the epidemic is on the rise, the closure and control measures may be more extreme.

As we all know, as the CCP’s official Xinhua News Agency said, the “clearing policy” is a policy “personally formulated” by Xi Jinping, and it is also “personally guided and deployed by Xi Jinping.” Therefore, Ma Xiaowei here particularly emphasizes the meaning of “dynamic clearing”. He also said that if “prevention” is ignored and only “treatment” is concerned, China‘s medical system will face the danger of breakdown.

In my opinion, these “warnings” by Ma Xiaowei are likely to protect the authorities from the wind. That is to say, the CCP is likely to take more stringent measures to prevent the collapse of China‘s medical system.

So I think not only people in cities like Shanghai, Changchun, and Jilin that are under lockdown, but also people in other areas should be prepared. Of course, the first and foremost is the material reserve, which has been said many times, and everyone should decide for themselves.

The second scenario is that China‘s medical system may be in a precarious situation. As we all know, the CCP will “turn big things into small and trivial things into nothing” when it comes to anything that is not good for its own image, and it will not expose its ugliness.

Ma Xiaowei is now saying that “the medical system will face the danger of breakdown”. Could it be that there has been a problem with China‘s medical system, or is it on the verge of collapse? If so, then people should pay more attention.

I believe that everyone has not forgotten the terrifying scene in the early days of the Wuhan epidemic. Because of the large number of patients, the entire Wuhan medical system collapsed rapidly, so that medical staff solicited medical supplies from the society. Even medical staff are short of protective materials, so it is even more difficult for ordinary people without any preparation.

From Ma Xiaowei’s article, it seems to be talking about the overall situation in China. But I think that in Shanghai, Changchun, Jilin and other cities during the lockdown period, people should think more about ways to stock up some medical protective equipment, so as not to be stretched and short of things when they are needed.

Although Shanghai is the largest city in China, the number of officially reported cases is an increase of thousands of cases every day. With the current growth rate, how long can Shanghai’s medical system last? Everyone should take this into consideration.

Delay causes another death, many people die in nursing home

Yesterday (29th) morning, Shen Ruigen, a 77-year-old chronically ill patient in Beicai Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, died of “heart failure” after being kicked balls by the hospital and failing to have kidney dialysis on time. After staying in the hospital for 55 hours.

The family members posted on Weibo that on the 26th, the elderly Shen went to the Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. Due to the lockdown of the epidemic, they can only be accompanied by an older, 83-year-old wife. He tested positive for nucleic acid twice in the afternoon and was sent to the quarantine area at 10 p.m. But the escort was asked to go home, leaving only the old man Shen Peigen. During this period, the old man’s medicines have been used up.

On the 27th, Pudong Hospital informed that it would not accept kidney dialysis for positive patients. So the old man was transferred to another hospital, but the ambulance was overloaded, and he was not transferred to Shanghai Junai Rehabilitation Hospital for isolation until 8:00 am on the 28th, but there was no medical staff to consult or take care of him.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the elderly Shen was preparing to be transferred to Zhoupu Hospital again. By this time, the old man had not had kidney dialysis for 4 days. At around 9 o’clock that night, the elderly Shen suffered from vomiting and coma, and was urgently transferred to Zhoupu Hospital. But it was too late. At 9:52, the old man passed away.

This is the tragic death of the second patient who was blocked from seeking medical treatment under the strict lockdown measures in Shanghai. The first case was a female nurse, Zhou Shengni, who died on the 23rd because of an asthma attack and was also delayed by the hospital playing football. Netizens asked angrily, “How many Shen Ruigens are there in Shanghai?”

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Also yesterday (29th), Cheng Zhanming (pseudonym), a family member of an elderly person at Shanghai Donghai Elderly Care Hospital, told The Epoch Times that the 88-year-old grandma was positive after receiving a notification from the elderly care home. The family members wanted to talk to the elderly or learn about the elderly’s situation, but both the hospital’s head office and the medical office said that the elderly home had been controlled by an outside medical team and could not contact the elderly.

Cheng Zhanming said that grandma had a mobile phone, and the hospital said it had sent a nurse to charge grandma’s mobile phone, and then asked grandma to answer the phone. But I haven’t waited for the call, and now I don’t know whether the old man is alive or dead. And now many family members can’t contact the elderly, but “some family members, the last news they get is an urn that asks him to sign, which is terrible.”

A netizen said that her 100-year-old grandmother was also at the Donghai Nursing Home. On the 25th, the family was notified by the hospital that the old man was positive and needed to be transferred. The next day, I heard that “many elderly people have died in the nursing home because of the new crown. Some elderly people who passed away have no family members to deal with, so they can only temporarily morgue on the side of the road in front of the hospital.”

Another “light purple light” said she was in the nursing home herself. She said, “This is indeed the case. Yang’s transfer and the second-close contact are still in the ward waiting for the government to rescue them. On the 25th, the head nurse said that the Pudong Center for Disease Control and Prevention had taken over. Today is the 29th. We can only hide in the ward, not Dare to open the doors and windows, and watch a lot of 120 come and transfer every day.”

Gao Yong (pseudonym), a family member of another old man, said that the specific number of infections among the elderly in the nursing home is unclear, and the hospital should give the family an explanation, “How on earth could such a major nosocomial infection happen.”

According to Cheng Zhanming, the outbreak in the nursing home was caused by improper management. The hospital is closed and managed, but the nurses go out to play and have dinner together. When the epidemic started in early March, the nurse’s aunt was positive but was not isolated, and continued to take care of the elderly in the hospital.

Help everywhere!The network is screaming

Let’s take a look at the helpless ordinary Shanghainese under the lockdown measures imposed by the authorities. A resident living in Lane 29, Pudong Circuit, Pudong wrote in a post that the community was closed for investigation on the 24th. I don’t usually see so many people in the community, but in the days of lockdown, “people without masks were chatting downstairs.”

The post said that on the 26th, I heard that there were people with “parallel bars”, but the neighborhood committee did nothing. There were still a bunch of people who didn’t wear masks chatting. There were even neighborhood committees together, but no one came to do nucleic acid. The next day, people on the parallel bars were still seen walking and walking their dogs in the community.

Nucleic acid on the 28th, Pudong announced that there were confirmed cases. But when I asked the neighborhood committee, they never told who they were, and they never took them away. People with abnormal nucleic acid parallel bars can walk anywhere in the community. Who guarantees the safety of others?

Another “new mother” said that the 8.5-month-old baby had a fever of 39 degrees for 16 hours, “seeing that the child has difficulty breathing”. Since the 26th, two elderly people in the family and their husbands had a continuous fever. They called the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee asked them to contact 120. But 120 said that it was fully loaded, “adults can afford it, but children can’t afford it.” Help, help, help! Really desperate!”

In fact, on the Internet, there are a lot of Shanghai people asking for help. A person named “I’m Teng’er’s Mushroom Bun” wrote, “Help! It is located in the South Pier Street of Pudong, Shanghai Pudong New Area has been closed since the outbreak. The hemodialysis patients and their families who have come to their homes this month, for the sake of every It’s exhausting to do hemodialysis smoothly and on time… There are too few hospitals for designated dialysis in Pudong. Both 12345 and 120 have been called. It is said that it is a special period. We also know that the medical pressure is now high, but we really hope to help our family!”

A person named “Liu Yiqing” said in a post for help that his father was a uremia patient and lived in Building 26, Lvbo Homestead, Sanxuan Road, Pudong New Area. Because the building was sealed off, I haven’t had hemodialysis for many days since last Friday, and even calls to several hospitals will not be accepted.

Another “advanced cancer patient” posted a request for help, “Treatment was received in the isolation ward of Jiading District, no one cared, no treatment, no meals, no response, and was not allowed to go out. I hope someone can help me and see me. Case”.

Sina Weibo may have been deleted for such helpless situations. All these posts for help reflect a problem with the out-of-control and disorganized management of the outbreak in Shanghai, leaving many people in critical situations.

Management chaos virus spread young people’s real-name report

Today (29th) at 2:00 am, the Shanghai friend I mentioned just now sent me a video of a young man from Shanghai complaining with his real name. Netizens said that their colleagues lived in the community mentioned in the video, and what the young people said was true.

The young man in the video is named Shi Jiacheng, who lives at No. 189 Menghua Street, Huangpu District, Puxi. He released his ID number. He reflected on the chaotic management of the 7th Village of Linyi in Pudong South Wharf Street during the epidemic.

According to his reflection, on March 21, someone was diagnosed in Lane 101, Linyi Road. However, when queuing up for nucleic acid testing on the same day and the next day in the community, the distance between people is less than 1 meter. He questioned “is it safe or incomplete, scientific or unscientific, queuing in this way.”

[Original video]At 9:30 am on March 26, someone in Lane 24, Lanling Road, was diagnosed, and the Shanghai announcement was also posted. Let’s see what this “Aunt Qian” was like at 6 o’clock in the morning on March 26. A group of people are buying food at the door of this aunt Qian, and no one cares, so they are probably robbing them.

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Then on March 28, Shanghai released it again, and someone in Lane 277, Pusan ​​Road, was also recruited. Then, on the 29th, Shanghai released Lanling Road Lane 24, and some people were also recruited. In our community, as far as the official confirmation, there are four people who have been diagnosed.

Then I was very curious, I just assumed, not bragging, just assumed. Assuming that the first positive case was infected from outside, the back of our community was closed. Then I want to know, how did the latter three get infected? The community is closed, and no one comes in and out, right? No one jumped over the wall? Was it the time of nucleic acid, or was it the time of the grocery shopping? Will such a chaos cause such a so-called cross infection?

I didn’t dare to think high, I just thought that the management staff in our community might have been negligent. Then I’ll file a complaint, won’t I? I don’t make this video, maybe the people on it can’t see it, and they don’t know who should be punished. After all, there are many positives in our community, right? If there is a positive, then there must be a problem, so why is it still a mess and unresolved?

This Linyi 7th Village was positive in the early 20th. What about the next few days? It doesn’t control it, it doesn’t do anything. The nucleic acid is crowded and the queue to buy food is crowded. If this happens, it must be a management problem.

Take ten thousand steps back and say, you line up like this, you line up like this, grab food like this, won’t you be contagious? So the chaos you show is also out of order, right? If you can judge this as orderly, safe, and scientific during the epidemic, then I think my book may have been read in vain.

We complain in the way of reasoning and telling the truth. We hope that the relevant departments can respond, whoever should step down should step down, okay? Hope the relevant departments can respond.

Again, it’s not bragging or rumors, I’m worthy of who I am, right? There are so many elderly people in our community who can’t use mobile phones. Who can stand up? I stand up.
The young man’s video is quite long, we made some cuts, and only presented the key parts to everyone. Netizens said in the e-mail that apart from a few leaders of the neighborhood committee, the rest were “people with a relatively low level of education.”

Among these people, there are elementary school classmates of netizen colleagues who once “retained grades” due to poor learning. Netizens said, “The low level of these people has led to confusion in the management of the community and the spread of the virus.”

Perhaps this is the case. The level of the neighborhood committees in this community is generally poor, resulting in chaos in management and the spread of the virus. But in fact, this is a common problem of the entire CCP system. In the CCP system, from top to bottom, many people are messing around and don’t work hard. Because the CCP does not take human life seriously, its officials behave like this.

24 software can’t grab the food, residents break through the blockade and march

This morning (30th), a Shanghai netizen said to me in an email, “Buying vegetables has become one of the most important things that residents have to struggle every morning when they wake up.”

A netizen sent me a video of his colleagues in Minhang District shopping online. Screenshots from the chat show that the netizen’s colleagues installed 24 grocery shopping software and started shopping in mid-March. At 6:19 this morning, this person started a new round of snapping online.

It can be seen in the video that the colleague of the netizen kept swiping the mobile phone within 5 minutes. But either the takeaway platform is congested, or the goods in the shopping cart are robbed. Netizens have also tried several platforms, and the results are the same, but they have not successfully placed orders. There are fewer and fewer items in the shopping cart, until there is nothing left, and the delivery boy is always full.

Netizens wrote in the email, “What about some elderly people who live apart from their children? You can’t buy food even if you have paper money. Under the blockade, it’s better to be bored at home. There are WeChat videos to talk to others. But there is no food to eat. Now, that mentality will definitely collapse, or even jump off the building.”

I said yesterday, how long can people endure in such a situation where there is no way out? Today (30th) a netizen sent me a video, saying that it happened at 8 o’clock tonight in a community in Pudong. Locals said in the chat that there was a “community riot” because they couldn’t buy food.

But I watched the video and found that it is not a “riot”, it may be a way for the locals to express their anger, and the word “riot” is used deliberately. In fact, the residents just couldn’t bear it anymore and walked out of the community, as if they were protesting in the streets.

In a video, many people were gathered around, and some people were still using loudspeakers to tell something. Another video showed many people who rushed out of the community walking on the road, as if they were in a protest. And people in the community are constantly moving out.


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