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[News Highlights]The family members cried heartbreakingly in the 20-meter-deep crash crater | China Eastern Airlines crash | Russia | Ukraine

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[News Highlights]The family members cried heartbreakingly in the 20-meter-deep crash crater | China Eastern Airlines crash | Russia | Ukraine

[The Epoch Times, March 24, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Watch”, I am Li Muyang. Today is Thursday, March 24th, ET, and Friday, March 25th, Asia Pacific.

Today’s focus: The impact crater is 20 meters deep, and the collider is artificially controlled? The family members were lost, crying heartbreakingly; the US built the Tigers in the nuclear war; lost 40,000 troops? Russian tank runs over colonel; defense minister fired? Putin leads the way in anti-war resignation; will Russia fail? Ukrainian two troops assists.

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Biden attended NATO, G7 and EU summits with leaders of the European Union and other countries in Brussels on the 24th, and intensively discussed how to deal with the Ukraine-Russia war. In a statement to the NATO summit that followed, the 30 participating allies called for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops. At the same time, it shows that NATO is accelerating its transformation and launching a comprehensive defense plan. The statement also called on the CCP not to help Russia spread lies and truly promote peace.

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said on the 24th that in response to the ongoing war of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO leaders will agree to deploy new troops in eastern European allies, and there will be eight NATO multinational battle groups stationed there. Four new NATO battle groups will be deployed in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, in addition to those already stationed in the Baltics and Poland.

“The Washington Post” reported on the 23rd that the top military commanders of the United States and Russia have not spoken by phone in the past month. US Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley tried to establish telephone contact with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov, but Russia refused to participate.

The Ukrainian navy said on the 24th that it destroyed a large Russian landing ship Orsk docked in the port of Berdyansk in southern Ukraine, and destroyed two ships and a 3,000-ton fuel tank. The news has not yet been confirmed by Russia.

A draft of a Chinese-Solomon Islands security agreement, revealed online on the 23rd, allows China to deploy security forces and ships to the Solomon Islands, causing unease in Australia. Canberra fears the deal will destabilize the South Pacific.

As of March 24th at 1:00 pm EST, including the reporting figures from several opaque countries such as the CCP, 1,773,181 people were newly diagnosed with the CCP virus (Wuhan virus, new coronavirus) in the world, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 400 million 75,842,471 people; 5,613 people died in a single day, and the cumulative death total is 6,127,419 people.

Enter today’s topic below. The cries of the families of the victims of the China Eastern Airlines crash are heart-rending, and each family has a heart-wrenching pain. The latest news is that there is a 20-meter deep pit at the site, what does this mean?

The United States has quietly formed a “tiger team” and has taken precautions against extreme situations. After the Russian side lost its troops, there seemed to be a commotion in the Kremlin. Two notable phenomena were that the Russian Defense Minister did not show up for nearly two weeks, and Putin’s leader resigned in opposition to the war. The coup d’état is said to be heating up every week.

The impact crater is 20 meters deep and the collider is artificially controlled?

First, let’s pay attention to the latest situation of China Eastern Airlines crash. At the fourth press conference today (24th), the authorities said that the main impact point of the accident had been basically determined. Most of the wreckage of the aircraft is concentrated in the core area with a radius of about 30 meters around the main impact point, and the depth extends about 20 meters down from the surface.

Think about the concept of 20 meters? We usually live in buildings, the height of the first floor is about 3.6 to 3.8 meters, and the height is about 4 meters. Then the pit depth of 20 meters is equivalent to the height of 5 to 6 floors.

According to public information, the crashed flight MU5735 was a short- and medium-range narrow-body jet with a fuselage length of 39.5 meters. And the plane hit a crater of 20 meters on the ground, which is equivalent to two-thirds of the plane being inserted into the ground. You can imagine how strong the impact was at that time.

In addition, this further confirms that the plane must have been hit directly with the nose down. Like a wedge, it was inserted directly into the ground to form a 20-meter-deep pit. Otherwise this won’t happen.

According to the analysis of this situation, the nose of the aircraft hit the ground straight down, which is not likely to be caused by the failure of the aircraft body itself. Let’s make a bold guess for your reference. I think it is very likely that the direction of the plane was artificially controlled and it hit the ground on purpose.

There are two situations in which the direction of the aircraft is controlled manually. One is that the plane is controlled from the inside, it may be the pilot’s suicide, or it may be hijacked. The other is that the aircraft is controlled from outside, such as being hacked and so on.

It’s a terrifying situation if misfortune is on my side. But what is the situation, we have to wait and see what the CCP will announce.

The mainland media “Jiu Pai News” today quoted the staff of the Civil Aviation Administration as saying that the deciphering of the black box may take a few days if it is fast, and it may take half a year if it is slow.

In addition, the CCP’s official media “China Daily” said that experts analyzed that the second black box signal transmitter may be damaged, and the black box positioning signal could not be searched at the scene.

Families are devastated and crying

A rescuer posted anonymously on Zhihu today (24th), saying that the large pieces of debris had been cleaned up, and the scene was full of small debris, and the smell was indescribable, mainly gasoline. The scene was very tragic. There was a puddle in the impact part. The water was not deep. The surrounding black soil was invisible. From the scene, he said, a miracle was close to impossible.

What impressed him most was the worship of the victims’ families at the scene. White flowers, offerings, and crying resounded through the valley, piercing the heart. After listening for a day, wave after wave, each cry represents the tragedy of a family.

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Beginning yesterday morning, families of passengers who arrived in Wuzhou, Guangxi went to the crash area in batches. Some family members burned incense and paper, and more family members could not bear the grief. Many yellow and white chrysanthemums were left at the scene.

For example, Luo Ming suddenly received help from his sister and brother-in-law on the evening of the 21st, and his nephew and son-in-law took the crashed flight. He rushed to Teng County with his hopeful brother-in-law and lost niece, and went to the vicinity of the accident search area to check for news. But in the end they were in the rain again and returned to the hotel disappointed.

Like Luo Ming, the family members of Sichuan passenger Qin Yue and Guangdong passenger Zeng Ping are also waiting for the results in Teng County. Some people who did not wait for the results left Teng County one after another and went back to take care of their grieving families.

On the day of the plane crash, a family reception area was set up at Baiyun Airport. Online video showed a middle-aged man crying while sitting at the airport with his three children aboard the crashed plane. While crying, he took out the pictures of the children on his mobile phone, and the onlookers were heartbroken.

A family member of a passenger in Hongta District, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province told China Youth Daily that the elder sister and brother-in-law brought their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter to Guangzhou to seek medical treatment, and the elder sister found a good doctor online. The family of three originally had a flight at 10:00 am on the 21st, but that flight was temporarily cancelled, so they took flight MU5735 instead. This is the first and last time for their family of three to fly.

“Beijing Youth Daily” reported that a girl’s mother was also on the flight. When she heard the bad news, she cried while talking to a friend, “I don’t have a mother anymore, 9,000 meters, so high. My mother is very pitiful. , alone, haven’t seen me in years.”

The girl has been abroad for several years, and only her mother is left at home. The mother and daughter have not seen each other for a long time. This time, the girl’s mother planned to transfer to Guangzhou on March 22, and then went abroad to visit her daughter. Later, at the suggestion of the ticket agent, she bought a ticket for the 21st.

Russia or use extreme measures?The Tigers came into being

It has been a full month since Russia invaded Ukraine today (24th). NATO leaders held an emergency summit in Brussels to further discuss strategies to counter Russia. Especially when Russia uses chemical or biological weapons or nuclear bombs, how will NATO respond. Also discussed were new sanctions against Russia, further military aid to Ukraine and the deployment of NATO forces.

What consensus NATO will eventually reach is still unknown to the outside world, but the United States has actually taken a step forward. The New York Times quoted several anonymous U.S. officials yesterday as saying that as early as February 28, the fourth day of Russia’s aggression, national security adviser Sullivan convened national security officials and held three classified meetings within a week.

People familiar with the matter said the team, made up of national security officials, was called the Tigers. The “Tigers” have played a central role in issues such as sanctions against Russia, increased troops in NATO countries, and military aid to Ukraine.

The main question for the “Tigers” study is how far Russia is going and where NATO should use military force in Ukraine. Biden is said to be very reluctant to go this far, fearing that a direct confrontation with Russia could spiral out of control and lead to World War 3.

A senior U.S. official said that while Biden remains reluctant to send troops to Ukraine, some things are unpredictable. Even if Russia only uses small nuclear bombs in Ukraine and not against NATO members, this makes the situation of NATO’s non-intervention in the war becoming uncertain.

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg issued a strong warning yesterday (23rd) that if Russia uses weapons of mass destruction, it will have “dire consequences” for NATO countries. Because chemical substances or radioactive substances may drift into NATO countries with the air, this is, in a certain sense, collateral damage to NATO, or even an attack.

European Council President Michel Michel told CNN yesterday, “We must ensure that Putin is defeated, and this must be a common goal.” He stressed that “this is a security issue that concerns the future of Europe and the future of the world.”

A month ago, all of these situations seemed on paper. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is full moon, the Russian army has been mired in the quagmire of war, and Moscow seems to be in crisis. Under domestic and foreign difficulties, Moscow is likely to take extreme measures in order to get out of the predicament.

Lost 40,000 troops?Russian tank rolls over colonel

Today (24th), the “Wall Street Journal” quoted NATO military officials estimating that Russia has lost 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers so far in the invasion of Ukraine. These include dead, wounded, captured or missing.

The official said the NATO estimate was based on information provided by Ukrainian authorities, as well as information obtained from Russia. There is official and unofficial information.

This morning (24th), the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Twitter that as of yesterday, 15,800 Russian soldiers had been killed in action. In addition, the Russian army lost 530 tanks, 1,597 armored vehicles, 280 artillery systems and 47 anti-aircraft weapons.

Because some news during the war is difficult to confirm, so we should take it with caution. However, there are two news that may be used as evidence of Russian casualties. Reuters said that the month-long war has left a large number of casualties, and many of the remains are difficult to identify. So Ukraine used American facial recognition software to identify the remains of Russian soldiers and find their families to inform them of their deaths.

Ukraine’s 31-year-old Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Fedorov would not disclose the number of remains identified, saying only that the proportion of remains identified by families was high.

In addition, according to the “Daily Mail” report, Ukrainian journalist Tsibarek disclosed on Facebook that a 1,500-strong brigade-level unit of the Russian army’s northern front was killed in the battle with the Ukrainian army. About 750 people.

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If what Chibaryuk said is true, it means that this unit of the Russian army suffered half the casualties. This situation is very serious, and it can also be seen that the battle is fierce. In fact, this also reflects the passive beating situation of the Russian army. When we talk about the special forces of Ukraine in a while, we will talk about an important reason why the Russian army was hit hard.

Tsibarek also mentioned one incident. A Russian tank soldier was very angry when he saw his troops suffered heavy losses. So the Russian soldier drove a tank and charged directly at his colonel commander, Yuri Medvedev. The tank ran over Medvedev’s leg and he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

Based on these information, it can be seen that even if the number of Russian casualties reported by NATO and Ukraine cannot be confirmed, the Russian casualties are actually very serious. The Russian offensive was almost stagnant, which was directly related to this.

Secretary of Defense fired?The dark tide of the Kremlin is surging

The day before yesterday (22nd), the Ukrainian business magazine said in a tweet that Ershov, the commander of the Russian Sixth Combined Army, has been dismissed and is currently under house arrest at home for military investigation. In a tweet, Ershov was accused of failing the battle plan and causing heavy losses to the Russian army.

The Associated Press quoted NATO as saying that of all the regiments sent by Russia, the Sixth Coalition Corps may have “the highest percentage of casualties.”

The American conservative website “Red State” said that in the past few weeks, “there is reliable but unconfirmed information” that Putin has relieved at least eight generals and two senior officials of the Russian National Security Service. caught.

“Red State” pointed out that the news of the arrest of two senior Russian national security officials has been reported by the Russian media, but the command of the eight generals has been lifted, and the Russian media has not reported it.

If the news from the “red states” is reliable, it means that, in addition to Ershov, Putin also relieved the command of seven generals. Whether this includes 66-year-old Russian Defense Minister Shoigu is unknown. But since March 11, the Putin confidant, Russia’s top military chief, seems to have not made public appearances.

A long article in the Russian media reported that Russian Channel One had an award ceremony on March 18, and Shoigu delivered a speech at the award ceremony. A photo of Shoigu was also distributed with the article. But the photo is said to be a screenshot from a video posted on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website, which shows Shoigu on March 11.

On March 18, there was a message on the Kremlin website that Putin discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with members of the Security Council, which mentioned Shoigu. However, although Shoigu was mentioned in the news, there were no photos and videos of Shoigu.

“Red State” quoted sources as saying that on February 27, Shoigu and Chief of Staff Gerasimov met Putin together and never saw Putin again. The Russian Ministry of Defense website has not been updated on Shoigu since March 11.

According to people around Shoigu, Shoigu has a heart problem. This claim cannot be proven, maybe it is, maybe it is not. But even if there is a real problem with his heart, Shoigu should show his face to the outside world in some way, especially to let the Russian army see him.

Because the Minister of Defense is an important commander who takes into account the overall situation, the military must follow the instructions of the Minister of Defense, and the soldiers of the three armies must follow his lead. Especially during the war, every action of an important commander may affect the war situation, which is very important to stabilize the morale of the army and boost morale.

Look at the other side of the war, Ukraine, whose main officials appear in the media almost every day. Ukrainian military and civilians can see and hear the president’s voice, and learn about the movements of the military commander and the latest battle situation. Therefore, although Ukraine has been invaded, their military and civilian morale is very high.

And Russian Defense Minister Shoigu has been missing for nearly two weeks in a row. How can people understand this? Could it be that Putin was angry and even Shoigu was fired? Not only Shoigu, but Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian army’s general staff, has not appeared in public since March 11.

In addition, according to the “Liberty Times” combined with a number of Ukrainian media reports, Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, and Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, have also disappeared from the public recently.

Perhaps the disappearance of these people from the public eye is temporary, and may reappear in the future, and there may be some explanation. But if these people disappear one after another because they were fired, it means that these people may have become scapegoats.

The “red states” said that Russia has fallen into a war of attrition, and Putin may have to find an “explanation” for this. “No matter how you look at the state of military operations, it’s hard to deny that the Kremlin is stirring up over it.”

Putin leads the way in anti-war resignation coup situation heats up

Yesterday (23rd), Putin’s spokesman Peskov told the Interfax news agency that Chubais had resigned as the presidential envoy. “Chubais resigned on his own initiative,” Peskov said. “Whether he leaves (Russia) is a personal matter.”

A source told Reuters that Chubais is currently in Turkey and “does not plan to return to Russia.” The source pointed out that Chubais “resigned because he opposed the war in Ukraine.”

Chubais is the most senior of the Kremlin officials who have resigned since Russia invaded Ukraine. After the Ukrainian war broke out, Chubais posted a photo on social media of a man, the opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Nemtsov. Nemtsov opposed the annexation of Crimea and the Ukrainian War, but he was shot dead near the Kremlin in 2015.

In a recent Facebook post, Chubais paid tribute to the economist Gaidar. He said that after Gaidar’s death in 2009, an era ended. “It appears that Gaidar understands strategic risk better than I do – it was me who made the mistake,” he wrote.

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Chubais said he “made a mistake,” perhaps regretting bringing Putin into the Kremlin. In the mid-1990s, Chubais, who was seen as one of the main architects of Yeltsin’s economic reforms, recommended Putin, which allowed Putin, who was the deputy mayor of Leningrad, to enter the Kremlin.

After Putin entered the Kremlin, he served as deputy director of the Presidential Administration, which made him more visible in Yeltsin’s field of vision. Then Putin was promoted step by step and eventually became the president of Russia.

Speaking of which, Chubais is a veritable leader of Putin. But now he also opposes Putin’s war, and resigned in anger. This should be a big blow to Putin. After Chubais resigned, Putin ordered a purge of anti-war sentiment in Russia.

However, purging anti-war sentiment may not have a good effect. The British “Guardian” reported that an anonymous Russian intelligence analyst revealed to the founder of the “Gulag” website Oshekin that after the aggression, the state security department was filled with chaos and dissatisfaction.

Oshekin told The Times that the risk of Russian intelligence agents speaking out reflects their growing anger with Putin. Because of launching the war, it has attracted sanctions against Russia from all over the world. In the future, they will not be able to go to Italian villas for vacation, and they will not be able to take their children to Disneyland Paris, France.

Oshekin said that in the past 20 years, life in Russia has been relatively stable, and everyone in the system can live a good life. But when the war broke out, it was all over, “they didn’t want to go back to life in the Soviet Union”.

Oshekin noted that as the war continues day by day, “the likelihood of mutiny by national security officials is increasing.” The possibility of a coup by the Federal Security Service to overthrow Putin’s regime “increases every week”.

Will Russia fail?Two Ukrainian troops assist

Everyone has also seen that the Russian army invaded Ukraine with a full moon, but they could not see the end of the war. Even the toughest hawks in Russia have to admit that the Russian army was stubbornly resisted by Ukraine, which caused the Russian army to suffer heavy losses and suffered heavy casualties.

The Russian-language independent news website “News Toutiao” recently uploaded a video, which is an interview with Rustam Chad, an army officer and military critic in the Soviet era. He analyzes in the film that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not well prepared and its tactics have no common sense, and it will definitely declare a “failure” within 2 weeks due to exhaustion of resources.

Rustamchard pointed out that military spending in wartime was 10 times higher than in peacetime, making it unbearable for the already bad Russian economy. Even if 30,000 to 40,000 foreign military reinforcements were recruited, the supply of ammunition was insufficient, making the war unsustainable.

Another important point is that the Russian army still uses the tactics of World War II, mainly infantry and tanks. Russia did not expect the stubborn resistance of Ukraine, and Russia may not be able to launch missiles for another 2 weeks, because it is running out of electronic components in its stockpile.

The 30-year veteran pointed out that these points are the weakness of the Russian army. Especially the tactics of the Russian army, even laymen feel outdated. The Ukrainian side’s tactics seem to be very modern, of course, this depends on the military assistance of NATO countries. However, Ukraine also has its own “IT army” and “special forces” targeting beheadings.

A Ukrainian software engineer who goes by the pseudonym Dave revealed that after the war began, the IT army of several thousand people had assisted in many attacks on the Russian government, banks and other websites outside of their daily work. He himself is helping the IT army carry out DDoS attacks and disrupt the normal traffic of Russian websites.

Last month, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Minister Fedorov, 31, urged programmers to join the “Ukrainian IT Army” telegram channel, calling on people to participate in the battle on the online front.

At the same time, Ukraine has a team dedicated to locating and beheading senior Russian officers. The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, said the beheading force was “looking for high-profile generals, pilots and artillery commanders.” These people often use unencrypted radios, which are easy to pinpoint.

According to official Ukrainian news, as of now, at least one lieutenant general and four major generals of the Russian army have been beheaded. In addition, several army commanders and two Black Sea Fleet commanders were killed.

This morning (24th), the Ukrainian navy posted on Facebook that they successfully destroyed a Russian landing ship Orsk anchored in the port of Berdyansk. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Mariar said the “huge target” could carry 20 tanks, 45 armored vehicles and 400 soldiers.

Russia has yet to confirm it. But multiple photos and videos showed a ship parked in port bursting into flames with thick black smoke. Two other ships soon left the port, one of which appears to have been damaged as well.


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