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News Udinese | Cioffi: “Pereyra won’t be there. Kamara on the other hand is recovered”

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News Udinese |  Cioffi: “Pereyra won’t be there. Kamara on the other hand is recovered”

The Juventus coach presented tomorrow evening’s match against Gilardino’s Genoa. Here are his words in the conference

Cioffi presented tomorrow evening’s match at Marassi against Genoa in a press conference. Here are his statements on the important challenge with the Griffin. “We demand more despite the trend in results be positive, we demand more because we know we have greater potential. As for Lucca, when you know the importance of the match and you have 200 matches in Serie A you react in one way, he felt a bit of frustration because he wasn’t able to make an impact, but I expect a good match against Genoa. I asked Success if she felt like coming in, not if she felt like it because she had a problem at the flexor. But it is wrong to scapegoat an individual, we are aware that we can all grow.”

On the captain’s condition: We recover it for Salernitana, I see him as fifth, midfielder, second striker, striker, point guard and also goalkeeper. I see a player I want on the pitch.”

About the moment he’s going through It’s covered: “In my opinion, Festy is a player with great potential, but many times when he plays on the right he ends up ruining himself if he doesn’t find space. I therefore put him on the left side because he has a nice left-footed cross and if he doesn’t find outlets he can give the ball away with his right. I then wanted to take Augello out with the dribble. In the meantime, Kamara has recovered.”

In the words of Deulofeu: “I’m very close to Gerard and I will continue to be because he is a special person, in my first adventure as a technician he was a driving force. I call him, I still owe him the famous pizza we bet on. We were champions, we remain champions, due to the injury it will be difficult to prevail, he is an intelligent and motivated boywe’ll talk about it in three or four years for his retirement.”

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