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News Udinese – The season is not over / Bijol and Nesto’s last match

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News Udinese – The season is not over / Bijol and Nesto’s last match

Some Juventus players have not finished their season yet. Let’s see how the last engagement for Bijol and Nesto went

Udinese has finished its season more than two weeks ago. We can’t say the same, however, for all the players who have worn the black and white shirt over the course of the year. several have been selected by their respective national teams for friendly commitments or for qualifications for the next European championships. Just yesterday three black and white people took to the field and tried in every way to have their say. Let’s see in detail how they behaved and above all if they managed to make a difference on the playing field. Between three players, there is also a pleasant comeback.

The first to be observed is the central defender Jaka Bijol. Yesterday he took the field with his Slovenia and played the whole match starting up to the last minute. A very important match for the Udinese defender since it was the first with the captain’s armband on the shoulders. An honor for a footballer who has grown dramatically in a very short time and is now also being watched by the best clubs in our league. In addition to the good personal performance, a great result has also arrived. The match against Denmark ended in a one-on-one draw. This will allow the team to keep dreaming of a placement in the next continental competition.

The return of Ilya

Ilya Nestorovsky he returns to play with his Macedonia and does it as a very titular player. 90 minutes for him on the pitch, even if great results don’t come in the end. Macedonia are overwhelmed by England and the game ends seven to nil. A heavy result that surely must be canceled as soon as possible. The last black and white involved was Sandi Lovric, but last night he didn’t take the field and remained on the bench. Quickly changing the subject, don’t miss all the latest market updates. Lucca will become black and white: the details

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June 20 – 12:00

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