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“Nicaraguan police return Miss Universe’s luggage taken in a raid” | Daily List

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“Nicaraguan police return Miss Universe’s luggage taken in a raid” |  Daily List

Nicaraguan police hand over Miss Universe’s belongings following raid

The Nicaraguan police announced on Thursday that they have returned several suitcases containing personal belongings of Miss Universe Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, to her family. The suitcases were reportedly taken during a recent raid on the home of the national director of the pageant, Karen Celebertti.

According to a statement released by the police, three suitcases, a brown bag, and a black plastic bag were delivered to Palacios’ grandmother, Silvia Elena Cornejo, at her home in Managua last Saturday. The police also included a report detailing the contents of the suitcases and provided photographs of the moment the belongings were handed over.

Opposition media in exile had previously claimed that the suitcases were taken by the police during the raid at Celebertti’s residence. It was alleged that the businesswoman’s husband, Martín Argüello, was detained and placed in solitary confinement. Reports indicated that Argüello had brought the suitcases from Palacios to Managua from San Salvador.

Following Palacios’s win in the Miss Universe competition, the organization requested that the Nicaraguan government ensure the safety of those involved in the local pageant. However, the government has not yet commented on the situation.

The victory of Miss Universe Nicaragua had sparked widespread celebrations across Nicaragua. Both the government and the opposition in exile praised Palacios’s achievement. Notably, the vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, accused the opposition of attempting to exploit the situation for their own gain, calling it a “destructive coup.”

Miss Universe Nicaragua has since traveled from El Salvador to Miami, Mexico, and New York, where she now resides in her own apartment.

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