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NIHAO53 Revolutionizes Cuban Market with Online Store for Micro-Industries

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NIHAO53 Revolutionizes Cuban Market with Online Store for Micro-Industries

Government’s Citizen Portal in Havana Announces Exciting New Online Store

The Cuban government’s citizen portal in Havana has recently shared some exciting news for the residents of the city. An exclusive interview with Mario Luis Ríos Vidal, Director of Business Development and Sales of NIHAO53, sheds light on their commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices through their new online store.

Managed by Leke Holding Group, an export company based in Hong Kong with a global reputation, NIHAO53 aims to satisfy the needs of consumers and product creators in Cuba. Ríos Vidal emphasized the solid reputation of Leke Holding Group, which places them in a privileged position to cater to the demands of the Cuban market.

After conducting a detailed analysis of the Cuban market, NIHAO53 identified a gap in the wholesale sale of products, particularly for those involved in artistic, gastronomic production, and other services. To fill this gap, NIHAO53 offers state-of-the-art machinery for food production, sundries, and other essential products for micro-industries.

Director Ríos Vidal expressed NIHAO53’s determination to expand its services to all provincial capitals, providing a convenient door-to-door service similar to that of its competitors. He commended the achievements made by the company so far, with a special mention of their team’s commitment to simplifying and streamlining import processes, ensuring utmost security in all circumstances.

The NIHAO53 project is presented as a necessity and a commitment to the new Cuban economic actors. The company aims to continue expanding its commercial portfolio and solidify its position as a reliable partner in the growth and development of Cuban businesses.

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The introduction of NIHAO53’s online store brings a new wave of opportunities for Cuban consumers and entrepreneurs. With their dedication to offering quality products at competitive prices, NIHAO53 is set to revolutionize the Cuban market and secure its place as a leader in the e-commerce sector.

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