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Nikki Haley condemns Trump’s remarks about black voters

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Nikki Haley condemns Trump’s remarks about black voters

Nikki Haley thinks little of Trump’s statements that he has increased support among black voters because they can relate to how he is being prosecuted and discriminated against. Photo: Chris Carlson / AP / NTB

By NTB | 25.02.2024 00:07:57

Crime and justice: Trump made the statement when he spoke to the organization Black Conservative Federation on Friday.

There he claimed that the many civil and criminal cases against him have led to greater support for him among black voters because they can relate to him and see him as a victim of discrimination.

– I think that’s why black people are so much on my side now, because they see that what happens to me, happens to them. Is that understandable?, Trump said in the speech according to New York Times.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Trump said.

During the speech, he also brought up the jail photo that was taken of him in August when he was indicted in the state of Georgia for trying to change the election outcome in the state. Trump said black people had worn T-shirts with this image printed on them.

– You know who embraces this image more than anyone else? The black population, Trump said.

– But this is what happens when he looks up from the teleprompter. It’s the chaos that comes with Donald Trump, she said outside a polling station in her home state of South Carolina, where Republicans were carrying out the nomination election on Saturday.

– Such insults will become commonplace from now on, she continued.

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It was expected that Trump would win the nomination election in the state by a large margin.

The ex-president claims he is the victim of political persecution, even though there is no evidence that President Joe Biden or the White House has had any influence in the total of 91 offenses for which he is charged in four different cases.

Earlier this week he also compared his own legal proceedings to the persecution of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who died last week.

Later in the speech, he said that black voters have become more friendly to him “because they have been so hurt and discriminated against, and they actually see me as someone who is discriminated against as well.”

Nikki Haley, who is trying to challenge him in the Republican nomination election, calls the statements reprehensible.


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